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We're girls who are keeping each other motivated. We are so much stronger as a group. Team Members: 3 Team Goals: Avoid fast food, Drink more water, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Eat smaller portions, Exercise, Limit my caloric intake, Lose weight, Stick to my diet, Walk
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Week 1 Challenge - MORE WATER!

Posted by tubbytabbytales

Keep me updated how your water is going this week!
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I've been terrible at my water already, and it's only the first darn day!
I promise to drink 56 glasses of water this week!  That is my goal.  Get it in - that's my motto!!!  My biggest problem is that if I have to "run" to the potty ... welllllll .... I can't really run ... so I'll have to be careful how far I travel from the potty!  hehe
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