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The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and Other Parental Fictions

Two weeks back Sweet M was looking particularly lovely, and so I commented, in that offhanded way parents can comment, "You know,...

A Welcome Anonymity

Many of us who blog about parenting children on or near the autism spectrum do so under internet pseudonyms, blog-o-nyms that...

A Turn at the Microphone

Last month Sweet M had an invitation to the Bat Mitzvah of one of her schoolmates. Bat Mitzvahs can be notably gala affairs as the...

Gravity Pulls at Autism's Edges

Over here at Autism's Edges we're delighted to see that Gravity Pulls You In, the extraordinary anthology of writing by parents of...

Change, Fast and Slow

Change comes fast and slow at Autism's Edges, which might also be known as PDD-NOS-Ville, or Expressive-Receptive Language...

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