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Mother RImmy

Snohomish, Washington
I started a recipe blog 8 months ago to share my passion for light and healthy cooking. At the time I was frustrated with recipe blogs and websites that didn't provide nutrition information, so I was determined that I would make it easy for people to choose recipes that fit into their healthy eating plans. My passion for cooking light started 10 years ago when I had decided to improve my health by quitting my nicotine habit. I gained 40 pounds. Weight Watchers and daily exercise changed... Full Bio
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Feb 24 2011 by robin
Hi! The honey garlic sauce on the asparagus is good! I tried it and love it.
Jan 19 2011 by bjohns1


Mother Rimmy, glad we're friends best of luck to you on your health and wellness goals.


Jul 05 2010 by yusuf

hi mom !!

i have recently kicked my nicotine habit and i am seeing my stomach grow.

without weight watchers i am trying to reverse the process my waist has grown from 32

to 36. i think i have managed to slow it down by healthy eating and excersises but 

i have long standing ankle injury which is limiting my ability to do excersie. i like yoghurt

and i read that you made your own yogurt .

Jan 21 2010 by hippieprincess
Hi, thank you for adding me as a friend!! :)
Dec 06 2009 by Fanda


Thanks for the friendship! It's nice to meet you here. I have visited you site, looks like you love cooking so much. If you have time, please stop by my probiotics recipes area in my site. There a lot of healthy and light dishes and smoothies from probiotics food sources. Maybe you'll find some idea from there!

Warm regards,


Nov 29 2009 by Divina
Thanks for the friend request. :D
Nov 28 2009 by Sutapa.G
Friends always find each other, it once again proved. Great to have you in my friend list.
All my best wishes are with you and you will surely acheive the  your wellness goal.
A very Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
Nov 27 2009 by msrenda
Thanks for the friend request.  I want to read all your blog and thanks for sharing. I'm trying to eat healthier now days too!
Nov 27 2009 by To Your Health
Thanks for the friend request!  You are my first here on Wellsphere...I confess, I haven't spent much time on the site.  So busy being a mommy!  Glad to know you.  I'll be sure to check out your blog!