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Monika Fit

Arizona 85250
I am just a twenty something who loves fitness, eating clean and life. Follow me as I try to make our favorite recipes healthier and balance law school, family, friends, a boyfriend, a new house and three dogs. I am just starting out so any feedback on blogging or advice on content is always... Full Bio
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May 22 2011 by Monika Fit

Thank you everyone!! :) I'm excited to be a part of this community. 

Jeff - it was very hard but I kept up with my goals second semester and I loved being back at school :)

May 20 2011 by Jeff K.
Good luck with Law School and your fitness! I hear being a 1L is one of the hardest years. 
May 06 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome with cheers!
May 04 2011 by Monika Fit
I love LEG day!!