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The San Francisco Symphony Kids’ Site

In the course of helping Hubby-jr with occupational therapy (OT), I found this gem of a website. It is   The San Francisco Symphony Kids’ Site!...

What’s the magic word?

“Can I have some cake daddy?” asked my now almost 5 Little Missy. As I’m still trying to inculcate my children with a habit of adding...

Blessed Christmas!

Hi, In mommyfied-Christmas-tradition, here’s a cute Veggie Tales youtube video to remind us what Christmas is… Blessed Christmas...

Sleeping Beauty

One fine day, a day just like any other day, I tucked my normal  (spunky and bossy) little girl in for her afternoon nap. I gave her a big hug,...

An Unfashionably Long Overdued Update

I had such lofty ambitions for this blog (note: had – past tense). It was going to contain lots of information about occupational therapy, a...

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