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I am a mom to two wonderful boys. One with Autism and Tourette Syndrome, the other with Red Head-itis. :)
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My 1 in 68

Love this kid with all my heart.  

La Petite Update

No excuses, I've just been busy. And lazy. But mostly busy. Okay, so maybe a few excuses... Let's recap, shall we? First off, I love you...


Anyone still around?? :)

Go Jaysen, it's your birfday...

  HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY JAYSEN!   Ipod touch. That is a happy kid, folks.   We love you bunches! ~xoxoxo~

Our Little Ray of Sunshine (Sunny)

Working with Furget Us Not Rescue , we found the newest member of our family! Furget Us Not was absolutely great. Our volunteer, Nicole, was...

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Why does this list me as living in California?!?

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