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Momma Risko

Chapmanville, West Virginia
Ok, I'm a junior in high school.  I've attempted veganism two times, and have given it up for good. Meat and cheese are my true love [haha], but I now appreciate veggies and fruits more than I would have if I hadn't been vegan. This school year is beyond stressful, causing me to gain 20 pounds. I try my best to stay on track and avoid eating too much, but when I spend 3 hours an evening doing homework, it's hard to find time to exercise. Yoga and cardio have been my best... Full Bio
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Feb 21 2010 by CK Wilde
I tried voting for you. Wellsphere disabled the link. I signed up for Zinch, searched for you but got nothing. Beware that this is a marketing site. Ceo is a marketing exec. Other are college students except the guy who dropped out of Princeton last year (His mother must be crying!). Have you seen This is a legit non-profit trying to help students get scholarships 
Feb 12 2010 by CK Wilde
This chart doesn't show a picture of eggs but I would include them because eggs are an almost perfect food -- digest well and the yolk contains nutrients that are critical for eye health. Don't worry about the cholelsterol unless you eat 5 rib eye steaks a day ;-)
Feb 12 2010 by CK Wilde
Hi-congratulations on finishing your first fast. Next you may want to try eating low glycemic to cut cravings. See this chart.
Feb 12 2010 by vinod
start deep breathing for stress and avoid heavy foods intake and do exercise in the morning
Feb 04 2010 by Nitin
Hi Momma I am a vegan.  If you want my help I can help you out.
Nov 03 2009 by CK Wilde


I saw your new Bio. Yoga and cardio are both great for stress. But, I'm wondering if you are getting enough sleep?

Recent studies have shown that getting less than 7 or 8 hours (if that's your regular amount) can result in weight gain.

My son is a junior in high school and taking AP classes. So I know what that heavy workload looks like. Doesn't leave much time for having a life, does it?

Feb 04 2009 by CK Wilde


NOS is sweetened with sucralose as well as high fructose corn syrup. Sucralose is known to cause diarrhea for some people. So your body may be reacting to that.  Besides that, there are lots of preservatives in NOS. I think you would be better off trying green drinks without all the artificial stuff. 

Jan 02 2009 by Momma Risko
I have discovered that drinking a NOS every now and again helps me lose weight.  It's as if it eats away everything in my stomach and wipes the slate clean.  Comments?