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Chapmanville, West Virginia
Ok, I'm a junior in high school.  I've attempted veganism two times, and have given it up for good. Meat and cheese are my true love [haha], but I now appreciate veggies and fruits more than I would have if I hadn't been vegan. This school year is beyond stressful, causing me to gain 20 pounds. I try my best to stay on track and avoid eating too much, but when I spend 3 hours an evening doing homework, it's hard to find time to exercise. Yoga and cardio have been my best... Full Bio
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Feb 21 2010 by CK Wilde
I tried voting for you. Wellsphere disabled the link. I signed up for Zinch, searched for you but got nothing. Beware that this is a marketing site. Ceo is a marketing exec. Other are college students except the guy who dropped out of Princeton last year (His mother must be crying!). Have you seen This is a legit non-profit trying to help students get scholarships 
Feb 12 2010 by CK Wilde
This chart doesn't show a picture of eggs but I would include them because eggs are an almost perfect food -- digest well and the yolk contains nutrients that are critical for eye health. Don't worry about the cholelsterol unless you eat 5 rib eye steaks a day ;-)
Feb 12 2010 by CK Wilde
Hi-congratulations on finishing your first fast. Next you may want to try eating low glycemic to cut cravings. See this chart.