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I am a homeschooling Christian mamma to six blessings. Two are homemade, ages 27 months and 9 years, two are adopted from the state foster care system, ages 7 and 9, and two were born in Ukraine and have recently been adopted from disruptions, ages 10 and 11. This work has literally stunk from the... Full Bio
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I'm Just Processing

Armadillo has a mattress, five or six soft toys (with most of the stuffing removed), the quilt his grandmother made for him for Christmas, a red...


I am not a person who likes to be touched. But every day I And by bedtime, I can barely stand the nightly hug, jump up, flip over,...

The Talk

No, not that one. That's a whole other post. I have a house full of kids that don't know about the birds and the bees yet. Because I have a...

Happy Day

There's no reason. I just need a Happy Day. So I've declared it so. They're still lying and hiding and sneaking. They're still reveling in...

Butterfly's 2 Cents

I hear from a lot of parents that are hurting. Parenting a hurt child is painful. Being a sibling of a hurt child is painful. Being a hurt...

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