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I am a Bipolar Survivor of over ten years. I am a huge advocate for treatment that is as unique as the individual being treated. I don't believe in one cure for all, or that one can generalize anything as being good or bad for everyone. I am a surviving mother of two teenagers. Two more unique... Full Bio
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Bipolar Rage Reduction and Making Mindful Minutes

Often we hear folks talk about anger that can happen in a quick minute.  The quick flick of a switch that triggers those who are quick to anger....

Bipolar Disorder and Homeland

The infectious effect the media and other misrepresentation and hyperbole about Bipolar Disorder has made this the illness de'jour.  This...

Bipolar Disorder in Order, No Meds

Over a decade ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  Right here on Mercurial Mind Bipolar Blog you can read over six years of accounts of my...

Best Bipolar Blog of 2012

Mercurial Mind Bipolar Blog has been named one of the Best Bipolar Blogs of 2012 by  Thank you to Leah Snyder and

Bipolar Hope

I was given a bipolar diagnosis over twelve years ago.  About a year ago, my doctor asked me this somewhat harsh question, "Why is this diagnosis...

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