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...Just like riding a bike

I've had this growing urge to write on this blog again for the last few weeks. I lost the urge, about two years ago. I just didn't need to share...

Bedtime Story

Our first video blog. Aw. I interview The Kid, kinda, about Star Wars. The Kid, Star Wars Expert. from Molly G on Vimeo. By...

Out of practice

I've let the blog go to seed a bit. I need to moderate some comments for viagra out of the posts from 2006, and when I went to type ""...

Over the years I've develope ...

Over the years I've developed quite the ritual to prepare for big school meetings. I always read everything I can in the days before, favorite...

Pharma Humor

This took me a while to finally post, but this has had me laughing for weeks now. It's absolutely right on.

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