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Close Encounters of the Dsyphagic Kikng

Parkinson ’s disease presents but two challenges – Moving & Standing still… So,...

Swimming Upstream

Bucking a shitload of inertia I have finally begun to drag my sorry behind on a regular basis back to the gym – having now...


Entry from the “Modern Translation Guide To Singles Pages Language” HOPELESS ROMANTIC – has both herpes and aids. No, no – its not that...

Dumpster Satori

Power sander hums Perplexing flies in dumpster “Hey… what’s this buzz?” Well, after the final indignation with my...

Freaky Teethy Things....

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing but the Tooth…. So, I achieved a long-term life goal – made it to the ripe age of 50 with...

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