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Team USA

Quick Sound-Off: I think there's a difference between playing to win and playing not to loose. It seems like I'm seeing more examples of the...

New Uni's

Check out the new Summit Freewheeler's race kit! Freshened up quite a bit this year vs. the past 8 years of blue and white. The ladies and guys...

**Sigh** Riding a bike in my basement is not fun.

I live in NE Ohio, we have 10-12" of snow on the ground. It's currently 14 degrees outside but feels like 4 as the temperature slides down to a...


Like I mentioned in my previous posts that I will be leading the mens team for Summit Freewheelers, here are our sponsors for 2014 ...

Summit Freewheelers

Hi Everyone, As I may have mentioned, I've been riding with a local group of bike racers named Summit Freewheelers! For 2014 I will be the...

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