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I've been a Stanford Employee since June 1996. Worked at the same position for over 10 then changed jobs to work in the Hospital 26 months ago. I am married to a great man with 4 kids, ages range from 15 to 24. And a Grandson who turned 4 in December. We have a beautiful cat, Sassy, who's 2 years old. I'm an avid photographer and would LOVE to do that for a living.
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Apr 16 2009 by kerry
hello misty. thank you for accepting me as your friend. good day.....
Apr 15 2009 by Kenneth F.

Hi Misty:

The pedometers handed out were unfortunately useless.  Mine didn't last more than a week.  The one I use is from Brookstone.  It works great, although I did run the battery down, so it's time for a new battery.

I also use a pulse monitor, for the times I do cardio.  It helps to know when to back down, or kick it up a notch.  A neat thing about them is they also communicate with the elliptical cross trainer and recumbent bikes, so you can monitor your pulse while using that equipment.  Since not all the handles have readers, this makes frees one up to exercise however desired.



Apr 14 2009 by Kenneth F.

HI Misty:

Not taking the class and have to replace the battery in my pedometer, but great job!  Thanks for adding me to your friends list. 

I walk about 10,000 steps a day, between work, noontime exercise and walking my dog each evening, but haven't gone for any records yet.

 Guess thats next.