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cordova, Tennessee
Hello ev1 wats name is De'Andrea but you can just call me dede please :) anyway i live in tennessee my hometwn after high school im gonna b a airtraffic controller,a photographer,and an artist i love to sing,dance,act,talk on the phone and be on the computer i love all kinds of music i can listen to anything and find good in it other than school i go to dialysis three(3) tymes a week and im about to get a kidney transplant soon thankx to my padre :) if you have any questions for me... Full Bio
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what did you feel aftr your new organ is inside you?

2mor lbs

im so proud of myself i started @ 93 or 94 lbs now im 2lbs closer to reaching my goal:)

how can i stop sleeping w/ my eyes open because i scares people?

i sleep w/ my eyes open and so does my mom its so gross & embarrasing how can i stop?

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Oct 20 2009 by missminidee2010
i went to the usual doctor apt. but they said that i have to get a byopsie im sure i spelled that wrong but i have to get one on the 10th of November im a little nervous not about the byopsie but the fact they have to start an I.V in my veins are so small...but im not gonna worry about that rite now because....I FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL TO GAIN WEIGHT I AM NOW 100 LBS. YAAAAY!!! NEXT STEP 105 THEN IMA STAY AT THAT.
Sep 23 2009 by missminidee2010
2 pounds closer i went to the doctor yesterday and they told me i was 98 lbs and my goal is 101 yay
Sep 16 2009 by missminidee2010
i am so close to reaching my goal of gaining 7 pounds i started off @ 93 on 9/3/09 it 9/16/09 and im @ 96lbs im so excited but i wont stop till i get to 100 yea