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Tokyo, Japan
In Spring 2009, I had stage 1 cancer. In Oct 2009, there was N.E.D (no evidence of cancer). I am lucky to have caught this so early on and will fight to keep this at bay for as long as I live. Join me on a green-juicing, smoothie-making, mostly raw-food eating, sprint-triathalon-training... Full Bio
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The China Study

I’ve been listening to this (again) on my Iphone – because D took my book! but there are loads of interesting finds in the book...

Loving A’dam

Sorry I’ve been really busy to blog but here are some of photos of my life in Amsterdam. * Grand Hotel Amrâth...

Hello, Amsterdam

I’m so in love with this city. Its gets more beautiful with each passing day. I’m sorry I havent had time to post regularly....

Happy New Year!

* Tokyo, Autumn, 2008 Happy New Year! I had a good catchup reading everyone’s blogs, reflections/ thoughts for the new...

Eat your Greens!

Hi everyone, Thanks for emailing me re: the new URL location for the blog. I’ve been too busy prepping for my travels, some...

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