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Arlington Heights, Illinois
I'm pretty much your average twenty-something chick just looking to keep healthy, eat right, and run her booty off!!
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House Hunting- Done and Done

The time has finally come. And I feel as if I may never… ever… EVER… get out of debt ever again. Perhaps when I’m 90. But by then, I’ll...

Michelob Ultra 13.1 Chicago

Well. We did it. Somehow, my friend Laura and I managed to finish that little half marathon I was talking about earlier this year...

Living in Transition

So you heard all about my annoyances with moving, but I’ve never really talked about how we’ve been living during the process. Here are a...

The Moving Diaries

I freakin’ love moving. That is a lie. But yet, here it is… a necessity… just 8 months after I moved the last time. No, there’s no...

The Comeback Kid

So I suppose I’m all better. Your guess is as good as mine as to how it happened. I iced. I rested. I got super bored for a full...

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