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washington, District of Columbia
I am a woman dealing with a relatively new diagnosis of vulvodynia. I am appalled at the lack of information about this disheartening disorder. A condition that affects 18 percent of women should not be swept under the rug. My goal is to heal, support others in their healing, and to get the word out about this disease.   
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Nov 10 2010 by Amy

Hi Miriam,

Just wondering how your doing. Wanted to say hi.


Dec 09 2009 by Amy

Hi Miriam,

I am doing ok, still just hanging on with my Botox... until i get my hip taken care of. I don't see that happening for a couple of months. I"m glad your doing at least a little better.... keep in touch! 

Dec 07 2009 by miriam

Hi Amy,

Thanks for checking in. I am on Lyrica now and I am feeling better. Nowhere near perfect, but at least I can walk and sit somewhat without that burning pain.

How are things going with you? :)



Dec 06 2009 by Amy

Hi Miriam,

Just wanted to check to see how your doing. Any progress?


Nov 11 2009 by Amy

Hi Miriam,

I did write you two responses, but i'm not sure if you are getting them... let me know.

I hope your good, and i like your last post, I know how you feel so it made me laugh, so thanks!


Oct 22 2009 by miriam
I'd be interested in corresponding with other women with this diagnosis... my email address is