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Does stress make you overeat at work? by Lynn R. Jack is sitting at his desk intently focused on his work. He is getting a little stressed because she has a deadline to meet and he has a lot of other work that is beg ... Read on »
Can People Lose Their Healing? by Dave H. This is part of an interview I did with S.J. Heald for  Heaven Connect . The entire interview can be found  here . SJH: Can people lose their healing? If so, why ... Read on »
Baby Szed’s Gender Reveal Party by Life's a Bowl Facebook Good morning, y’all!  Ryan and I are hurrying to get out the door this morning because we’re headed down to Richmond for a wedding.  It’s a quick 24-hour trip, but we’re t ... Read on »
News Flash: Elucid Magazine Publishes our “Be Your Best You” by MRisa We are proud to announce that our article, “Be Your Best You” has been published in Elucid Magazine’s Inner Beauty issue featuring Emma Watson. Elucid’s Inner Beaut ... Read on »
Bumpdate: 24 Weeks by Life's a Bowl Facebook Woosh, woosh, woosh.  Every time we have the chance to hear Baby Szed’s itty-bitty heartbeat, my heart swells.  Sometimes I still am in disbelief that I have a little pers ... Read on »
WIAW: Spinach Stuffed Shells by Life's a Bowl Facebook This morning didn’t go as planned.  Nothing bad happened, but nothing went how I envisioned in my head last night.  I planned to wake up, eat breakfast, write this post, g ... Read on »
How Food Labels Are More Deceptive than You Think by MRisa We check with many great resources, and Nutrition Action is one of them. ... Read on »
Pick-Your-Own Produce at Hollin Farms by Life's a Bowl Facebook First, a couple of random tidbits from yesterday… - I didn’t recognize Lady Gaga on Ellen {it was a rerun from 2013, I think?}.  She looked beautiful in a pink dress w ... Read on »
Eileen Fisher Offers Free, Wonderful Meditation to All by MRisa “For the past several years I’ve been thinking about the balance between work and home life, between the inner and outer life. I’ve learned that the only way I can be full ... Read on »