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Your Identity in Christ by Dave H. Pink Glasswing Butterfly by KloverKane When Jesus walked the streets of Galilee, His acts of healing created division among those who watched Him. Some re ... Read on »
Bumpdate: 29 Weeks by Life's a Bowl Facebook Just as I imagined, the first week of school was exhausting.  And I didn’t even have any students!  Between coordinating my student’s schedules, talking with their former ... Read on »
The Real Obstacle to Losing Weight by MRisa Have you been making the mistake of Blaming Yourself when you Can’t Lose Weight? Stop Blaming Yourself! Start Loving Yourself. Success in every area of your ... Read on »
39 Questions {Survey} by Life's a Bowl Facebook Well, well, well…  I found this post in my draft folder and it was dated January 29th.  I can’t remember who shared this survey originally {sorry!}, but apparently I liked ... Read on »
It’s Okay to Ask for Help by Life's a Bowl Facebook Oomph.  This past weekend was another doozy.  Last weekend we moved , this weekend we painted, and both weekends I didn’t shower for two days in a row.  I definitely had a ... Read on »
The Love of Your Life by MRisa Missing the mark in your Love Life and Relationships? Need help finding the Love Of Your Life? Or better yet, “attract” the Love Of Your Life? I’ll give you the ... Read on »
Comment on 5 Amazing Benefits of Deep Breath by Don't Let Stress Take the Fun Out of Business... by Nadya Andreeva Facebook […] advice, so why do so few of us take it? Taking a deep breath when you’re mired in stress can reduce that pressure and make you more aware. It can also help you step ou ... Read on »
100 Happy Days: Day 9 – Day 17 by Life's a Bowl Facebook Read about why I’m doing the 100 Happy Days challenge here .  Sign up to participate yourself or join me – for just a day or the remainder of the challenge – the more the ... Read on »
Bumpdate: 28 Weeks by Life's a Bowl Facebook This week marks the first week of the third trimester, WOOHOO!  On Monday I completed my glucose screening test.  The test checks for gestational diabetes which is a high ... Read on »
Not Losing Weight? by MRisa Not Losing Weight? Want to stop Gaining Weight Back? Need More Energy and Less Aches and Pains? Stress, your State Of Mind, and Beliefs may be the ... Read on »