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My Interview With Mark Rayner by Dave H. Mark Rayner interviews me on the first episode of the new SBNR Show . We begin with a discussion about my early years as an atheist, how I became a believer and how God c ... Read on »
My First Mother’s Day by Life's a Bowl Facebook Last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day.  Since it was my first Mother’s Day it felt extra special and I’m thankful for Ryan who made me feel extra loved.  I’m a huge fan ... Read on »
10 Tips to Conquer Bedwetting by Life's a Bowl Facebook Hey, hey!  I hope y’all had a delightful Mother’s Day.  I’m very thankful for the wonderful weekend that we had.  On Saturday we went to Frying Pan Park and Great Count ... Read on »
Lee Stoneking - My Resurrection by Dave H. Lee Stoneking addresses the UN General Assembly and, after sharing his resurrection testimony, proposes that Jesus is the solution to world violence. Read on »
(audio) I’ve recorded a meditation for you: by Carole F. Patient Expert For years and years I’ve been asked to record the guided meditations and sacred rituals I lead everyone through at my slow retreats . I’ve hesitated.  The med ... Read on »
Can Everyone See in the Spirit? by Dave H. This is an excerpt from my latest book  Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple . Although many good teachers have taught that seeing in the spirit is a gift that is only gi ... Read on »
10 Random Tidbits 4.9.15 by Life's a Bowl Facebook I didn’t mean to take two weeks off from blogging, but it happened.  Every night when I go to bed, I dream of how my morning will go…  I’ll wake up before the rest of the ... Read on »
Plateau by cclark1121 Hitting a plateau is something every runner must learn to deal with and accept. It is inevitable. There are peaks (running at our highest level), valleys (running well below ... Read on »
Why You Shouldn't Visit Me to Be Healed by Dave H. I occasionally receive requests from people who either want me to travel so I can pray for them to be healed, or who ask if they can travel to see me to receive prayer ... Read on »
Knee Surgery by cclark1121 It's over! After over a YEAR of knee pain, I'm finally on my way to actually healing. It took nearly a year to diagnose me with Fat Pad Impingement Syndrome; an inj ... Read on »