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Angelic Encounter in the Hospital - Anthony Murray by Dave H. My guest blogger today is Anthony Murray. It's 2 am here, but if I don't write this now, I know I'll put it off and you'll all be harassing me like good Christians do, ... Read on »
Autumn…transformation…meditation…wiser decisions by MRisa Beautiful Autumn. A time to see the beauty of transformation… A time to enjoy mindfulness and meditation… A time to de-stress and make wiser decisions. I c ... Read on »
Friday Funnies 10.17.14 by Life's a Bowl Facebook Happy Friday!  I’m at training today so I thought I’d share a few funnies that have made me laugh out loud recently…  Because sitting in six hours of training for state st ... Read on »
WIAW: Pumpkin Waffle French Toast by Life's a Bowl Facebook If you’ve ever been pregnant I hope you will support me when I say PREGNANCY BRAIN IS REAL.  I feel like a total airhead.  I could have sworn that I published this post ye ... Read on »
5 Tips for People Too Busy to Meditate by Lynn R. When someone tells me he is too busy to meditate, I know he is just the person that needs it most. The busier you are, the more you need to take time for a bit of mind ... Read on »
A Simple Approach to Prophetic Ministry by Dave H. Brian Fenimore teaches a simple and powerful approach to prophetic ministry.   Read on »
Celebrate Food Day- October 24 by MRisa Guess what share of $1.00 spent goes to farmers and farm workers? 16 cents? 11 cents? 30 cents? 43 cents? Answer? 11 cents! Food Day is October 24th. ... Read on »
Bumpdate: 35 Weeks by Life's a Bowl Facebook What day is it?  I’m always turned around for the first half of the day after a 3-day weekend.  We had a very productive and enjoyable long weekend.  I hope you did, too!  ... Read on »
Feel Loved on October 13th by MRisa Today is my birthday! Celebrate with me…give yourself unconditional love with each breath…for 1 minute. Just 1 minute. Thanks for feeling so loved on my bi ... Read on »
Why is Healing a Process? by Dave H. When you read the gospels, it appears (on the surface) as though the people who encountered Jesus were healed of all their afflictions and infirmities in one powerful me ... Read on »