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When Feeling Fragile: by Carole F. Patient Expert Have you ever paused and asked your deserving body what she needs most right now? I did, last week, and her answer was swift and simple. You are fragile.  Kee ... Read on »
Food sensitivity, intolerance, or allergy… What’s the difference? by Life's a Bowl Facebook Hey y’all, happy Thursday!  We’ve got a wind advisory in Columbus today, which gave me the perfect excuse to stay home and tackle projects on my growing to-do list.  Grab ... Read on »
Boston Wedding + Holiday Sweat Challenge by Life's a Bowl Facebook After another weekend on the road, I declared today to be a pajama day.  I’ve been catching up on laundry, tidied up around the house, and cleaning out my inboxes. On ... Read on »
Virtual Coffee Date 11.4.15 by Life's a Bowl Facebook I love meeting friends for coffee.  It feels so cozy and quaint and I get to hear all about the exciting things that they’ve been up.  If we were catching up over coffee I ... Read on »
Fit Body Bakery Review + Giveaway by Life's a Bowl Facebook I have to confess, this review didn’t come together as I had envisioned when I first applied to the campaign.  I had grand plans to make monster cookies in honor of Hallow ... Read on »
3 Taps On The Shoulder Theory: by Carole F. Patient Expert “The question is not what you look at, but what you see” Henry David Thoreau Hello my wonderful friend, the universe is on your side. Your body is on your side. Y ... Read on »
Talk and Listen with Mindfulness   by Lynn R. I have been reading and practicing with some teachings on mindful speech recently and it seems to be an area of great difficulty for most people.  I know it is for me ... Read on »
Happy 1st Birthday, Evie! by Life's a Bowl Facebook Yesterday was a big day, our sweet baby girl turned 1-year-old!  The past year has been the fastest year of our lives.  It feels just like yesterday, I was texting my girl ... Read on »
The Best Spinach & Kale Dip by Life's a Bowl Facebook Last week I shared over 30 pumpkin items that caught my eye at Trader Joe’s , but I knew I’d miss a few.  On Monday I found these two gems. As a kid I lo ... Read on »
Call Back Your Scattered Energies: by Carole F. Patient Expert Hello my magical friend. Today is a great day to check in with yourself and notice if your energies are scattered. Push the pause button, close your eyes and turn ... Read on »