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To Every Messenger a Message by Dave H. God has taught me a principle that helps me deal with criticism and praise from those who read my messages. It's a bit of personal instruction He offered to help me see ... Read on »
10 Random Tidbits 2.26.15 by Life's a Bowl Facebook Tidbit 1:  I’m starting to love these tidbit posts.  They’re a great way for me to dump all of my random thoughts without trying to come up with a catchy, cohesive story. ... Read on »
WIAW: Hiding at Starbucks by Life's a Bowl Facebook Shhh.  I’m hiding at Starbucks until my family needs me.  I was driving home from tutoring and Ryan said that Little Miss is sound asleep so here I am…  Sitting in one of ... Read on »
My Friend’s Deliverance – Kazuko Onishi by Dave H. This testimony was sent to me by my friend Kazuko Onishi. I’d like to introduce her to those who don’t know her. Kazuko lives near Kobe, Japan. She was the first person in ... Read on »
The Jones by cclark1121 I went to watch my team run in the old Jones 10M this past weekend (is anyone ever going to call it by it's new name?). It was a strange struggle. A year ago, I had just ... Read on »
Meniscus, You’re a Bum by Life's a Bowl Facebook This morning I received some frustrating news in regards to the knee pain that I’ve been experiencing.  I initially hurt my {left} knee last spring while running the Rock ... Read on »
Writing instead of Running... by cclark1121 It's been since.... WOW!.... 2011 when I posted on this thing! I was starting up a new blog and then when I went back here to see what everything looked like I thought "ya k ... Read on »
I Haven’t Found the Balance, Yet by Life's a Bowl Facebook Morning, y’all!  Yesterday we had a tough time napping and as history repeats itself, Little Miss had a hard time sleeping last night as a result.  You’d think that it wou ... Read on »
10 Random Tidbits 2.17.15 by Life's a Bowl Facebook Tidbit 1:  We were forecasted to receive 5 – 8 inches of snow overnight, but we woke up this morning to see no more than 4 inches.  Bummer.  If any of you New Englanders w ... Read on »
Houseplants That Are Good For Your Home by Mind Body Spirit .. Healthy Living Professional I love indoor plants. Not only are they good feng shui, some are also great for removing toxins etc from the air. The website Care2, has a list of 20 plants that can help ... Read on »