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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Starting with Halloween- Trick #2 by MRisa Learn how with self love to Lose Weight, DeStress and enjoy peace with Michele Risa at Read on »
How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Starting with Halloween by MRisa Did you say, “Ha!?” Lose Weight and De Stress with laughter. Learn how with self love to lose weight and de-stress with Michele Risa at www.BeyondBodyMin ... Read on »
The Appearing - Jeremy Mangerchine by Dave H. This is an excerpt from Jeremy Mangerchine's  book The Longest Bridge Across Water It was a chilly fall evening. The sun had almost completely gone down, leaving ou ... Read on »
A Must Read Book by Carole F. Patient Expert “When we live completely from the mind, over time we lose touch with the infinite self, and then we begin to feel lost” Anita Moorjani. I happen to believe thi ... Read on »
Why our Heart Beats by MRisa De-Stress with a smile and a bounce! Listen to music from your teenage years. I did and felt like 13 again! Learn how with #SelfLove to de-stress and lose ... Read on »
He Broke Her - He can Fix Her by Dave H. Kris Vallotton shares a humorous story about a couple and their healing.   Read on »
Research shows how to change your behaviors by MRisa Research shows people who practice self-compassion are more effective at changing their behaviors. Want to: Lose Weight? Be more #mindful so more successful? Ha ... Read on »
The Healing Power of Jesus Enters the Emergency Room by Dave H. My guest blogger today is Troy Anthony Smith. This article was originally posted on his blog here . Yesterday we decided to take the power of a healing God to a sick an ... Read on »
Oprah says, “You have more love to give when…” by MRisa “You have more to give when your own tank is full.” Oprah Winfrey Think self-love is selfish? Oprah explains why it’s actually the opposite. I agree and ... Read on »
Welcome to the World! by Life's a Bowl Facebook Our plans this past weekend went out the window, very quickly.  We didn’t attend a 6-hour childbirth class or go apple picking or have our maternity pictures taken….  But ra ... Read on »