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Research shows how to change your behaviors by MRisa Research shows people who practice self-compassion are more effective at changing their behaviors. Want to: Lose Weight? Be more #mindful so more successful? Ha ... Read on »
The Healing Power of Jesus Enters the Emergency Room by Dave H. My guest blogger today is Troy Anthony Smith. This article was originally posted on his blog here . Yesterday we decided to take the power of a healing God to a sick an ... Read on »
Oprah says, “You have more love to give when…” by MRisa “You have more to give when your own tank is full.” Oprah Winfrey Think self-love is selfish? Oprah explains why it’s actually the opposite. I agree and ... Read on »
Welcome to the World! by Life's a Bowl Facebook Our plans this past weekend went out the window, very quickly.  We didn’t attend a 6-hour childbirth class or go apple picking or have our maternity pictures taken….  But ra ... Read on »
Angelic Encounter in the Hospital - Anthony Murray by Dave H. My guest blogger today is Anthony Murray. It's 2 am here, but if I don't write this now, I know I'll put it off and you'll all be harassing me like good Christians do, ... Read on »
Autumn…transformation…meditation…wiser decisions by MRisa Beautiful Autumn. A time to see the beauty of transformation… A time to enjoy mindfulness and meditation… A time to de-stress and make wiser decisions. I c ... Read on »
Friday Funnies 10.17.14 by Life's a Bowl Facebook Happy Friday!  I’m at training today so I thought I’d share a few funnies that have made me laugh out loud recently…  Because sitting in six hours of training for state st ... Read on »
WIAW: Pumpkin Waffle French Toast by Life's a Bowl Facebook If you’ve ever been pregnant I hope you will support me when I say PREGNANCY BRAIN IS REAL.  I feel like a total airhead.  I could have sworn that I published this post ye ... Read on »
5 Tips for People Too Busy to Meditate by Lynn R. When someone tells me he is too busy to meditate, I know he is just the person that needs it most. The busier you are, the more you need to take time for a bit of mind ... Read on »
A Simple Approach to Prophetic Ministry by Dave H. Brian Fenimore teaches a simple and powerful approach to prophetic ministry.   Read on »