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Your personal Christmas energy alert:

Posted Sep 30 2008 12:29am

By Carole Fogarty


Rejuvenate You:



Hands up all you out there with great energy and low stress levels today.

Now, hands up those of you who are feeling low in energy and rather stressed and frazzled already today?

Either way have you seriously got enough energy to handle the extra stress and demands for the upcoming 37 days before Christmas?

Let’s all be a little bit clever together this year:

With Christmas fast approaching I intend to attentively check in with my body and ask how my energy and stress levels are going a little more frequently. In addition I promise myself to listen and respond accordingly making whatever adjustments and changes I need too. How about you, want to join me in being just a little bit clever this year?

I’m keen to come out the other side of Christmas with fantastic energy levels and minimal stress.

Christmas energy as we all know can be extremely pushy, frantic, tangled, overexcited and spin you off into all directions. We tend to do allot of planning, organizing and giving around this time of the year and can very easily forget to protect our physical and emotional needs.

As a promise to you and me I’ll be sending you weekly Christmas energy alerts as a simple reminder to check in with your stress levels, energy levels and overall well being.

It’s my intention that these Christmas energy alerts catch you just in time before exhaustion sets in. Think of them as your guardian angel of Christmas.


Your Daily Christmas Energy Rescue Tip:


Disconnect from what’s happening around you. No talking, looking, searching or moving. Just stop.


Now start pulling all your energies back inside your body. The quickest and easiest way to do this is by focusing on your breath. Observe if your breathing is short, shallow and stressed or calm, deep and relaxed. Bring a relaxed rhythm back into your breath.


Your body is an intelligent field of energy. It is always talking to you but are you listening. By creating this simple pocket of stillness throughout your day it will allow your bodies voice to rise to your awareness and speak clearly to you. Listen carefully and honor that wisdom.

If you are having trouble connecting to what your needs are then the following two articles should help.

Hello, it’s your body here are you listening?

Get grounded or get pushed around by life:




Thanks for reading my article.

Peace, love and an abundance of Christmas energy to you all.

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