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Would You like an Inexpensive Way to Lose Weight, Free-up Your Hips and Have Fun?

Posted Jun 19 2008 12:00am

Today is June 19th 2008 and it is the fiftieth anniversary of the hula hoop. Did you know that? Well it is! An American icon that of late has gone un-remembered.

In my office, in Silver Spring, MD, I often recommend to my patients who have hip and lower back issues that they take up hula hooping. Why? – you may ask.

Hula hooping is a fun, low impact sport. It gets all of the muscles in the low back and hip moving. These are muscles that don’t move much in most of us, as we are sedentary and do a lot of work at a computer or behind a desk.

Did you know that hula hooping is a great exercise that works all of the core muscles?

And according to Mayo Clinic physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Edward Laskowski, M.D., “Weighted hula hoops, available at most sporting goods stores, are bigger and heavier than traditional hula hoops. You can use weighted hula hoops as one component of an overall fitness program or simply as a fun way to burn calories. In general, the bigger you are, the bigger the hoop should be. The weight of the hoop is up to you. Lighter hoops require more energy to keep them going. Heavier hoops are easier to keep going, which may lead to a longer workout. You may want to avoid using weighted hula hoops if you have a history of back problems.”

In an article that appeared in The Telegraph – an English Newspaper in 1993 – it reported “In recent trials carried out by Conrad Earnest, an exercise physiologist at the Cooper Institute for Human Performance and Nutrition Research in Dallas, it was shown that vigorous waist-circling with the Heavy Hoop for eight minutes burns as many calories – about 110 – as running an eight-minute mile. Even less strenuous hooping uses a similar amount of energy (85 calories) as you would expend on a slow 12-minute jog.”

That is pretty darn good for having fun. It is also a way to de-stress and do something with your children. One of my patients who is a grandmother and started hula hooping at my direction did so in front of her grandchildren one day. They had such a blast, she said watching her hula hoop.

I urge you to call my office and make an appointment. Let us help you get more mobility into your lower back and hips. Let us help you get healthy while having fun and becoming more able to relax.

Wholistic Family Healthcare is conveniently located near the Silver Spring Metro station in downtown Silver Spring, close to Washington, DC.

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