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Workout at Home with Kim Kardashian

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:02pm

Workout at Home with Kim Kardashian No gym equipment is necessary when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s latest home workout remedy. All it involves is a chair or a couch. She says to, “act as if you are going to sit down but don’t actually sit! Just lightly touch your booty on it and come back up. Do that seven times! Then do the same thing but this time only half way, come back up and do that seven times.”

Sounds easy enough right? You could even do this at your desk at work discreetly.

You’re not done yet though. Kim also suggests doing it one more time but now only coming up about an inch off the chair. Next comes playing a game of “how low can you go.” She says, “so each time you go lower and lower! Once you finished your lucky 21, take a break and try it again. I try to do that cycle four times.”

My lucky number is 33 looks like I have a little more work to do!

Kim also sees the benefits of making workouts fun and adds, “…even with my friends we would buy workout videos and all do them together, go to classes like spinning or Tae Bo. We always made working out a fun activity after school or on the weekends!”

If you don’t like the gym, or if you can’t afford a gym membership, it’s ok, you can easily workout your body in the comfort of your own home with the exercise videos from

Written by: Isobella Jade

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