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Wonderfully Lazy Weekend

Posted Feb 10 2013 7:25pm

This weekend has been wonderful!  After a less than stellar sleep Thursday night, I slept in till 8AM Saturday morning.  After downing a bowl of salted caramel oatmeal I was out the door to meet Alex and Molly downtown for coffee.  Those two girls are absolutely awesome- we could talk for hours.  And the thought of us all [plus this girl ] going to NYC sometime in the near future makes me extremely happy!


On the way home I swung by my momma’s house and picked-up a pair of gloves.  I’ve been searching for a pair to wear for when I’m running outside but refuse to pay $45 [sorry Potomac River Running, I love you but my wallet thinks otherwise].

Growing up my family went skiing a couple of times each year so overtime we’ve accumulated quite the collection of winter clothes.  I wish I had snapped a picture of the tie-dye suit that I once wore.  After digging through the baskets, I found a pair of bright blue gloves with sticky dots on the inside- do y’all remember those?  I probably got them when I was eh, 10 years old?  Thank goodness for stretchy clothing.

The rest of Saturday was spent being lazy.  Eating, relaxing, taking a trip to Target, playing with the pup, eating, and watching Pitch Perfect [per the recommendation of many of y'all].  My thoughts…  It was acaAWESOME!  I’ve always loved musicals, Grease was a childhood favorite of mine, and I thought the cast was hilarious- I definitely recommend watching it if you have a few hours to kill!

Last night was another good night of sleep, despite Charlie waking up at 3:30AM.  Thank goodness Ryan took the hint from my groan of “Nooo, Charlie nooo!” and graciously volunteered to take him outside.  I knew that if I got out of bed I wouldn’t be getting back in.  Second day in a row of sleeping in until 8AM, solid but I don’t wanna jinx myself again.

I continued on the salted caramel kick this morning and added a splash of it to my pancake batter.  Taking the easy route, I used a buckwheat pancake and waffle mix by Arrowhead Mills that I got a while back when it was on sale at Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, the pancakes turned out to be anything but fluffy.  They were some of the flattest and hardest pancakes that I’ve ever made but I was reassured by this lovely lady that buckwheat can be tricky.  Despite their appearance, they weren’t a total flop and provided great support for the globs of toppings that I piled on top.


After a few hours of procrastination, I finally made it out the door for a run.  Side tangent: when outside running, do you say anything when you pass someone, like bikers do “On your left/ right!”?  This morning there was a woman running smack dab in the middle of the trail in front of me.  I noticed that she was wearing headphones so I didn’t think she’d hear me if I tried to say something.  When I got within passing distance I ran to her left [off of the path, onto the grass] and she immediately jumped.  I turned around, waved, and kept running.  Whoops?

The mileage wasn’t in the double-digits, but it was double the distance that I’ve run in a month.  It wasn’t the distance that my training schedule had planned for this weekend, but it was as far as my body could go.  For that, I’m proud.  I pushed my body to the point of failure, not to it’s breaking point.

After lunch, a snack, and another snack [my hunger cannot be tamed], Ryan and I debated our afternoon plans and ultimately decided to carry-on with yesterday’s laziness.  A series of House Hunters were watched, we went on our first family walk since Ryan’s surgery , we made a trip to TJ’s, and now we’re back on the couch waiting for dinner to finish…


I hope y’all have had an equally wonderful[ly lazy] weekend :D

P.S.  The salted caramel recipes will be shared later this week!

Question:  Do you prefer lazy or busy weekends?

Question:  Share something that was wonderful about your weekend!

— Allison

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