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Why are you interested in Mind-Body?

Posted by Stephanie B.

I see all sorts of people joining the Mind-Body community but mostly everyone is quiet. So I am curious: Why are you here? What interests you in the area of Mind-Body? What does Mind-Body mean to you?
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Ever since I had a Muay Thai kickboxing class in which the teacher engaged our minds and our bodies with a strenuous workout, I've been interested in how the mind is impacted by what we do with our bodies. I love the fact that yoga brings peace to my mind and strengthens my body at the same time. I never feel more relaxed and happy as I do when I have been regularly practicing yoga.

So, Mind-Body to me is the way the mind and the body connect to create a better, happier, healthier me.

(I'd like to invite you to answer your own question, by the way.)

Hmmm...answer my own question....well, first off, I'm not sure if I'd even call it just Mind-Body, because to me that's missing a very important part of the equation...that is: Spirit. So I am interested in creating harmony between the Mind, Body and Spirit. (I'm not the one who names these sections, however.) I'm also with you on the yoga - it also makes me relaxed, happy, and healthier, both inside and out.
I agree with you, Stephanie. I feel that too often, we compartmentalize our lives into all these meaningless categories. To me, it's about feeling whole and complete in all these different areas, which aren't really discrete areas in and of themselves but rather, contribute to the whole. I like reading the different posts people put on here because I'm actually also curious about why people are interested in the subject of mind/body. For me, mind/body simply means being in balance, exuding more of one's essential self, and engaging in activities that contribute to one's overall well-being, however we may personally define that. The things that interest me in this area: yoga, meditation, massage (the therapeutic power of the human touch), hypnotherapy and reiki (and other methodologies having to do with our energy fields). I feel that so many of us just focus on the corporeal world as the one that holds all the answers but from my experience, the true power lies in mind/spirit, and the way the body functions is almost always a direct effect of what's going on in our emotions/spirit. Building one's knowledge in this area and engaging in activities that foster a greater connection between mind and body just seem to be practical things to do.


We should be working together!  I joined because I am a mind-body health coach who helps people relax their minds!  Then they discover that their bodies can relax, too, and they no longer have intense pain.  Isn't it amazing, the power of the mind to create tension?


I'm interested in mind/body because it's all connected.  I agree with Stephanie B that it also includes spirit.  I'm recovering from Stage IV tonsil cancer treatment and a near fatal motorcycle accident, all in the past 2 1/2 years.  I receive treatment from a wonderful lymphatic massage therapist once a week and together we've been helping my body heal.  The work is miraculous - all my doctors tell me so!
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