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Whose Weight Are You Carrying?

Posted Mar 08 2009 3:03pm
Your sister-in-law calls you to complain about her job (and your brother). You know it's going to be a long call, and you open the fridge, staring in, thinking, "Maybe I'll make my grocery list now." Instead, you pull out a fat-free yogurt cup and eat it. What the hey--it's only 80 Calories, right?

You work two hours overtime because it's the end of the fiscal year/quarter/monthly reporting period/weekly quota drive. Dinner is drive-thru. You are "responsible" and order a kid's meal with a diet cola--only 750 Calories (seriously.)

Whose weight are you carrying? Whose stresses stress you out? I know you are a good spouse/friend/colleague/volunteer/person-you-can-rely-on, but what is it costing you?

I'm not suggesting you get a divorce or blow off your children and boss. But for an hour this week, take a long hard look at what drives you to the refrigerator door. What can you end/change/fix? What WILL you end/change/fix?

Update: Down 1.8 lbs this week. I did NOT do all of those things I promised last week (HR monitor/body fat measurement etc). I DID inhale a couple sleeves of thin mints. I DID spend all of my TV time doing cardio (put my little aerobic step out there and went to town!). I'm behind goal by close to two pounds, so I will either revise the goal, lengthen the term of the project, or increase my cardio/strength training. This week, I'm choosing more exercise--it's gorgeous out there!

P.S. -- All new classes starting this week: In Newport at the Kula Center, Radiant Yoga begins (6A Tues/Thurs, 6P Mon). In Richwood: Radiant Yoga starts Thursday at 6p night and new beginning belly dance series start Tuesday night at 6p. If you are going to "walk in" to any classes, send me a quick e-mail and let me know so we have a general head count. Or just show up!
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