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Who We Are and What We Do

Posted Feb 26 2010 12:00am
Welcome to Family Sanity Reviews; we are two WAHMs who firmly believe “when mama’s happy everyone is happy!” What that means is everyone in a family (including our furry family members) should strive to live in health and harmony. That includes physical, mental and spiritual health; and when that fails….indulge, indulge, indulge. Chocolate, wine, food, dancing, sex and shopping (in no particular order) are all great stress relievers. It is often up to moms to “stock” our homes with healthy foods, natural medicines, beautiful things, and creative outlets. We set the example for the rest of the family by living in abundance and providing ourselves and our family members with stress relieving products.
This blog is intended to be an educational outlet and to provide a product set that meets that very requirement. Every single company we affiliate with has been thoroughly researched; we have used all products in our own households. The articles we write have come from true experiences and are written by us…they are not stock articles pulled from another website. You will not just read reviews, you will receive knowledge that often you must pay for to get. We also strive to work with globally conscious companies. And the best part of all; we will have giveaways from each company that we affiliate with, so check back often, you never know when you might be a winner!
Enough about the site; here is who we ARE:
My name is Michele and I am a WAHM of two awesome sons, Vincent 18 and Chris 13.  I am married to Wayne for 22 years.
I have been working from home for the last 14 years selling advertising for a local parenting publication in New Jersey.  Before that I was in Corporate America for many years.
I was never happy being away from my son and my passion was always to work from home so I can be with him and have another baby.  My wish came true when I was laid off from my office job.  During unemployment I was lucky enough to find my current sales job.
However, the economy has hit hard the past 2 years and advertising print sales are down.  The internet is where it’s at.  I have also made extra money during the years selling on eBay but still felt that I wasn’t living my passion.
I love to read, listen to music, spend time with family, friends and 3 kitty cats, go to the beach, dance, watch TV and movies and spend time on the internet.
My niece Dina and I are only 8 years apart. We managed to stay close even though she lives in Colorado and I live here in New Jersey. We happen to share a lot of the same passions and have talked about this blog for a few years.
Our goal is to help other women and moms by recommending products that we have tried and use ourselves and that have helped teach, inspire, comfort, nurture and humor us.
Peace & Love,Michele
And I am Dina, as Michele mentioned I am her niece and now live in Colorado, where I am blessed to live with my husband, my 4.5 year old son, and my 10 year old Vizsla Zed. I am also blessed to live in a place that reveres natural health, wellness and the great outdoors. After 15 years in telecommunications I left to pursue a certificate in massage therapy and yoga instruction. As part of my training I delved deeply into herbalism, aromatherapy, and most recently Shell Essences (more on that later). When I was pregnant I became an expert in the safe use of herbs and essential oils for pregnant women and children. I also work with dogs and plan to get my Canine Massage certificate this year; animals are such great clients to work with; their energy is just so accepting of the work you are trying to do with them.
I love being with my family and friends, going to the beach (where I get to see my aunt), knitting, writing, and above all belly dancing. This is my connection my spirit, makes me realize I’m a sensual woman when I sometimes forget that, and keeps me in shape.
I am a big believer in nurturing yourself in any creative outlet you can find, and I have taught seminars on how to find time to do just that. Unlike some of the teachings I have studied I believe that it is OK to seek healthy pleasures….great food, great wine, great entertainment and conversation.
Of the two of us…I am what you might call the “woo-woo” hippy, belly dancer. I believe that all of our thoughts, words, and actions impact the Universe. And if we are conscious we can impact it positively. Some things I write about may be beyond your normal comfort zone, but please keep an open mind and you might just learn something useful.
Love and Light,
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