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Which is it – sensual or sexy?

Posted May 21 2012 9:49pm

The Cambridge dictionary defines sensuality as:

expressing or suggesting physical pleasure or satisfaction

a sensual mouth/voice

He is elegant, sensual, conscious of his body.

And sexuality as:

the ability to experience or express sexual feelings

Sexuality is just one of many byproducts of sensuality. Sensuality is an acute awareness of how it feels to taste, see, hear, smell and touch. Touch is the underlying foundation to all the other senses in cultivating sensuality.

Do you know someone who moves elegantly, is graceful with an awareness and consciousness that makes them mesmerizing to watch? Watch a tango dance sometime and become immersed in their simmering, sultry sensuality.

The voluptuous lines in these sand dunes give a visual sensual experience, like you want to drape your body over and around them and yield to their contours. Much that we see can inform and add to our feeling of sensuality as we move.

The taste and texture of particular foods integrated with the movement of eating completes an optimal sensual experience.




Sensuality is represented beautifully through the Argentine tango dance. It is a physical and spiritual connection with another body in sinuous, sensual, fluid, elegant movements that are like water flowing over our senses.




How can we learn to be more sensual with ourselves and therefore with each other? It starts with becoming aware of how we move. Fluid, sensual movement can only occur when we are structurally organized to move optimally in any activity. You can cultivate sensual movement in any activity such as brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, walking, shaking hands, holding hands!

If we have limited movement due to stiffness, soreness, pain or injury we are less aware of what it feels like to move our body optimally. We live in a culture that is so detached from what it feels like to move that we have resorted to pursuing activities that give us a quick fix or high like dangerous stunts, extreme sports, excessive exercise, sexual encounters, drugs, shopping, overeating. These are great for a short time but ultimately leave us feeling completely empty and craving the next high. No wonder we are such an addictive society!

What if, instead of sensation you actually lived in a state of heightened awareness, able to feel the quality of your movements, the synchronous, fluid touch that yields to all contact as if you are one entity. Every moment of every day is a sensual experience flowing over all of your senses like a gentle breeze.

Get an idea of what the possibilities could be for you by viewing some of our free videos here  and cultivate the art and sensuality of touch!

In the meantime here is some music to tempt your sensual ear…. Green Is The Colour .

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