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Where Does God Come From?

Posted by Stephanie B.

In all this discussion of mind/body/spirit, have you ever considered where God came from? What existed before God? And how did God appear out of nothing? How does anything exist? Is it possible that God Itself struggles with existentialism and wonders why It is here?

When you really think about these questions, you realize that life is simply a mystery and maybe we should just relax and enjoy it.

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Funny you ask this question. I actually came upon a blog post that discusses it in a very thorough yet clear way and includes two video interviews on the subject. Its great information to read. You can find it on I'd love to know what you think!

God is unique.  God has always been. 

We are like infants in a graduate level Chemistry class, trying to understand how that can be.



It is not so much a question as to where God comes from, but as to where we come from. Yogis say that everything of this universe is a thought in the mind of God.

God comes from the imagination of people. And that the search for meaning is useful from an evolutionary standpoint. It helps bind people together for great survival of their DNA. DNA only wants to reproduce itself, and will use whatever methods work best!

New Jersey? Of all places??
I'm fairly certain the answer is "New Jersey".
I've done lots of mind whirligigs around this one. I'm currently reading Stephen Hawking's endessly interesting A Brief History of Time, and factoring the physics into the metaphysics is really mind-boggling. I think that as humans, it's really difficult for us to even conceive of anything beyond our four dimensions. We are severely limited by our perceptions. I imagine that perhaps we can get closer and closer to understanding the mystery of existence when we're no longer weighed down by the encumbrances of being human. :)
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