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What makes you feel confident?

Posted by Nirmala N.

I've been noticing that my level of confidence is directly related to my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I'm curious--what are some of the things in your life that add to your sense of confidence?
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Professional success....and a flat tummy. Whenever I do well at work....get a compliment from my boss for a job well done, for example....I feel very confident. I enjoy what I do and take great pride in my work, so my confidence is very often directly related to that. Also though, and this may sound silly, I also find that I get a little jolt of confidence when my little belly bulge disappears and my stomach is relatively flat-I find that to be sexy and that makes me feel great.
Being proactive. When I have a problem whether it be health, family or work related I always feel stronger and more confident if I have a plan to deal with it and am acting on that plan. I have to feel like I'm actively doing something to make things better. That makes me feel more confident in myself and my abilities.
professional success and feeling good about my bod. I agree. Professional success can really make the spirits soar. My successes are small, since I'm first a stay-at-home-mom and second a writer, but when I complete a job and receive payment, I'm on top of the world. Adding that piece to my resume only adds to the happiness. Being successful in my own small ways makes me feel more confident about the individual I am. Toning my body really boosts my confidence. I feel great after working out, like I'm really taking a positive step in my life. Choosing just the right outfit to compliment my changing body gives me that extra confidence as well.
Feedback!. "They" always say that you should always feel confident on your own, but man is a social animal. Since primitive times, our ability to survive has depended on the rest of the clan taking us in, feeding and sheltering us. I feel confident when I get loads of SINCERE compliments! And we all can tell when a person is sincere, can't we?
Not focusing on myself. Once the basics of health and fitness are covered - meaning I'm not sick or horribly overweight - I find that I feel best when I'm focused on others or on an important project. Purpose goes a long way toward keeping my mind off all those little *unimportant* things that nag away at confidence.
When I am doing what I believe I am meant to be doing. When I am doing the things that I feel I am meant to be doing, I feel confident. When I feel that things are really going my way and that I am just drifting along aimlessly, I am not confident. Feeling focused on a meaningful project is a definite confidence booster.
A good compliment helps!. I write songs that I sing and play on the guitar, and although I love my songs, it is always a boost to the confidence when someone else tells me they like one of my songs.
Love everyone's answers!. I think there's a combination of stuff that makes me feel confident, myself. I love being at the helm of huge projects and knowing that I'm in a leadership position that makes me accountable to my community. I also love the confidence that comes with creating something--a poem, a play, etc.--since I consider myself an artist. Another thing that makes me feel really confident is when I have great skin. I've suffered a bit from adult acne, so I have the occasional flareups. There's something about having beautiful skin that lets me face other people and life in general in a way that's open and sincere, like I don't have to hide anything.
When I've gotten a lot done. I always feel good when I make a list and am able to check everything off. And when I just got a great haircut :)
Rest. Pitta and Aries combined together mean I'm always on the go and have trouble sleeping. Even when I do sleep, my mind feels as though it's talking all night long. It's true what they say about pittas needing less fire and more cooling!
I'm beginning to realize that confidence comes in different colors. There's the kind you feel when you're validated by other people (your peers, higher-ups, family, etc.), and there's the kind that comes from following your own sense of personal power, which is completely independent of other people's judgments. The second is the kind I'm trying to foster, especially on blah days when I'm apt to crumple into depression or self-criticism.
I just read this little book by Judge Judy of all people that I picked up at the library on a whim. She said that all women should have some sort of occupation for their self-esteem as well as for "divorce insurance." I think that is wise advice. Some of the people I know who are the least happy are people who do not need to work for a living and end up floating around aimlessly. Even frequent travel does not make them happy. What seems to give people genuine self-confidence is making some sort of contribution to the world, whether that is through work, a creative endeavor, or helping others (including your own family).
An unexpected compliment from my wife which really catches me by surprise. It makes my day!
Even when I am working from home, I find that wearing clothing that make me feel great really boosts my confidence. Deep burgundy is my power color -- I feel masterful and strong.
That's interesting, Constance. I've had friends who swear by chromatherapy and who have experienced immediately uplifting states simply by switching from a drab, dreary color to something more sunny or powerful. In general, I think that feeling attractive is something that adds substantially to confidence, even when we are not completely aware of it.

I have confidence when I feel centered (people have different terms for it). When I feel connected to myself and know what to expect from myself in just about any situation, my confidence and self-talk are pretty good. When I'm centered and feel spiritually connected, it's powerful.

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