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What is the Minimal Necessary?

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:45pm

A writer who teaches writing for writers recommends that we set our daily writing goal at 100 words per day. That's about 3-5 sentences (two, if you tend towards lengthy run-on sentences as I have been known to do). He points out that once you have settled in to achieve this teeny-weeny goal, you almost always do a little bit more.

It's a brain game, a trick. The Discipline Freak within me scoffs and says, "There is no teeny-weeny goal, there is only the Right Thing To Do."

The Realist within me, however, knows better. When you tell yourself, "I will eat half of a banana today and get one serving of fruit," you eat the whole banana (2 servings. YAY!) When you tell yourself, "I will walk down to the end of the driveway and back," you go out on the street and walk another half mile.

So make teeny-weeny goals this week--goals that are SO stupid-easy you simply cannot justify not attempting them, not even to yourself. "I will shake it to one Justin Timberlake song!" "I will do one push-up against the wall."

What will your teeny goal be? Post it in the comments. Come on, play the brain game. After all, games are fun!

P.S. You still have time to sign up for the series of Belly Dance 101. And Belly Dance Fitness is also a walk-in class. So shake off the frost and join us!

PPS: Join and "friend" me. You can also join the Radiant Fitness, LLC group. Class members in NKY may also friend Richwood Presbyterian Church. It's quick, easy, spam-free way to keep up with all of our goings-on!
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