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What is meant by differentiated movement?

Posted Jun 23 2012 7:17pm

Anyone who has experienced low back pain, tight hamstrings, sciatica and more can resolve their pain and stiffness for good by learning how to differentiate their movements. All that stretching will become an exercise of the past!

What is our potential for optimal movement thru differentiated movement? This video of a belly dancer with amazing differentiation in her torso demonstrates how fluid, released and sensual movement can be. Most of us rely on our arms and legs to be differentiated but our torso becomes a frozen block unable to twist, bend or collapse . Lack of movement in our torso leads to many common problems of back pain, sciatica and injury because more stress is put on joints that are not designed for it. Our core strength comes from the muscles of our torso yet we rely on our arms and shoulders for heavy tasks and our leg muscles for heavy lifting. By using the whole body in lifting and many other activities we do not stress any one area of the body at the expense of another.
Most of us will never achieve this degree of differentiation because we are climbing such a big hill just changing how we approach movement. To move fully differentiated means being aware at all times to what it feels like to move; respond to brain messages of pain, soreness and discomfort by releasing muscles, not stretching; to not do isolated, mindless repetitions; and finally to not focus on what muscles to use in movement.

The reality is that if you are moving optimally according to your structural design you will feel nothing. Your brain only sends messages when you are about to injure yourself or in the process of injuring yourself. By becoming aware of what it feels like to move in comfort, ease, power, strength and balance you will by nature move your body in synchronicity, as it is designed to move in gravity and according to the laws of physics.

For more information check out some of our free videos here .

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