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What I’ve Learned

Posted Jan 11 2013 6:48pm

Thank goodness it’s Friday, alleluia!  The days felt like they’ve passed so slowly, but the week quickly added up.  I loved reading y’alls comments on yesterday’s post ! 

What I’ve learned…  Many of you would like to go to yoga, I mean to go get yogurt, I mean have yoga ADD like me.  No shame.  Pancakes and waffles are loved equally.  Pancakes’ flat surface is perfect for slathering on the nut butters and the crunchy edges of waffles make for the perfect syrup pockets.  I’m not the only person who giggles when they hear someone fart.  It may be natural and healthy, but it is also smelly.  Setting an alarm to take medicine and/ or vitamins was the #1 way y’all said that you remember to take your pills.  I set my alarm, but after I already left this morning, so I forgot to take them.

Last night’s workout was super sweaty, a 3-mile run and  TNT.  Ironically, my legs were more tired after yoga on Wednesday than after my run on Tuesday…  The 3-mile run wasn’t bad, short and sweet, but TNT was brutal because of the weighted squat presses we did between each station.  My legs were sufficiently on fire.

What I’ve learned…  Weighted squat presses make your legs feel like burning mush.

I woke-up this morning feeling rather funky.  I thought that maybe it was it was just hunger pains [I was ravenous post-workout last night], but immediately after I finished breakfast I felt like I got sideswiped by a semi.  My stomach was in knots, the healthy farts were flowing, I started sweating, and I felt nauseous.  The symptoms haven’t settled and I’m hoping that it’s just something that I ate [not a bug], because I just got over the sinus infection!

What I’ve learned…  Due to my suppressed immune system , I’m a magnet for illness.

This weekend we’ve got a few fun things planned with friends and Ryan and I need to spend some time preparing for the the cruise.  We have yet to look at any of the on-board activities or the shore expeditions that are available.  Our activities are going to be limited because of Ryan’s ankle, but I have no doubt that we’ll still enjoy every moment…  And heck, his ankle is a good reason to take another cruise in the future ;)

What I’ve learned…  I am a big planner but I am also a big procrastinator.

Question:  What have you learned lately?

Question:  What fun plans do you have this weekend?

— Allison

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