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What does it mean to "Let go"? A 10 min Personal Practice for home & work

Posted Oct 21 2010 10:19am
I have been approached by many on the ability to 'let go', in response to my talks on balancing our lifestyles. This balance is one where we shift our  activity for constantly doing, to one of being, one of dwelling on past impacts to one of simply letting go, without expectation, in a state of relaxed awareness and reflection.

With our modern lifestyles that bombard us with constant stimulus; emails, calls, texts, projects, children, health, school, and let us not forget the challenges of everyday life! We steadily enter a state of where we forget the ability to relax, to enjoy the moment, and we enter a state of constant tension, with something to do, or something that is happening to us. Out fast paced lifestyle, one that is very new to humanity and our minds - we are desensitized to the ability to bring ourselves back to a silent state of reflection, and calm.

This need of constant movement also flows into our relationships, personal, familial, and workplace which is a very dangerous situation. It creates a feeling to the need to react at whatever is presented before us.  Reflect on this for a moment… the next time you are faced with a situation of overwhelming intensity, step back, do not react instead reflect, be patient - this takes practice, effort and dedication and is being seen as a huge value by Corporations and Psychologists around the world.
It is called developing Emotional Intelligence - In the boardroom a Director is speaking and another calls him out for a past mistake, he reacts instead of reflecting allowing the comments to be addressed after the meeting. This throws off the whole meeting, the hour is wasted… the value of having 10 top level management executives for 1 hour could top $5,000 - $10,000, not only is this money gone but now tension within the workplace arises, tension in your personal space rises. There is a great easy read article on this by the Harvard Business Review , that shows that this value of time in the workplace is and should be the treated the same way with the value of time and priceless value of our personal space.

To understand how to attain the state of 'being', 'to let' go we must first understand the approach of a Meditation Consultant - why they portray the simplicity of such things that seem so distant, so difficult.  They are guiding you to realize for yourself that these tensions, stressors, are our own creations, our own gremlins that we internalize, and that don't need to consume us… every moment spent dwelling on this past challenge, impression, or future thing to do - brings us deeper into tension.  This awareness and understanding is the first step.
The second step is to realize that "letting go" or "just being" is not something that can be rationalized, not something that you can coach yourself into - what it is, is an experience. It is actually the only experience, it is this room that you are in, these words that you a reading, the computers sound and warmth, the air around you - the practice of letting go is  returning yourself and full awareness to this moment, the only thing that really matters, the present. To practice this state continuously is the second step, it is Modern Meditation.
Remember, forget telling yourself or concentrating to forget about what is happening, this only creates more tension, anxiety, dwelling. Simply bring yourself to the experience, and the thoughts will steadily dissolve, no expectation, simply let it come naturally.
To let go, let this be your 10 minute Modern Meditation practice into the experience of letting go:
Bring complete awareness in one quick thought with your whole being, onto what it is that ails youTake a few deep inhales and exhales, still in full awareness and reflection (simply viewing) of the challengeNow, if you don't have the opportunity to enter a physical exercise, a walk in the park, yoga, etc. do some form of breath exercise or stretch - right after this simply sit or lie down and provide yourself time alone in quiet reflection, and ask yourself; how does my body feel? How is my breath? Scan your body and breath for a few minutesKeep yourself in the experience that you are currently in - this room, your workplace, chair, any sounds, any sensations
As your practice in breath control and reflection continues the time of dwelling on a certain subject decreases, your anxiety and tension starts slipping away and you will reach a relaxed awareness. Always know that you have this moment, your health, and forever your self.
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