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What Are Your Plans for 2011?

Posted Dec 28 2010 1:10pm

As 2010 comes to a close I have been thinking about what I want out of 2011.  Have you been considering the same for yourself? I’m not setting “goals”, instead I have a list of things I want to accomplish, personally and professionally.

Make and sell my hummus. I’ve been making hummus for years with rave reviews and this year I have a personal goal of making and selling the hummus at local farmers markets or gourmet food shops.  I’m really excited about this and have already started making headway.

Improve my storytelling. My writing and speaking style tends to be “how-to”.  This year I want to work on story telling, the emotion that goes into writing and speaking. I want to do more of both (speaking/writing) professionally and be able to connect with audiences on a more natural, emotional and inspirational level.

Publish an essay.  This is a natural follow up to the above.  I am currently researching potential publishing outlets, while also identifying essay topics and working on a first draft.  Goal is to have one essay complete and at least submitted by the end of March.

Grow New Health/Wellness Professionals Group. Currently working under the name Wellness Professionals Network , the purpose of the group is to provide business education and networking opportunities to health, wellness and fitness professionals through online and in person events.  (Are you a health/wellness professional? Learn more about the group here ).

Relaunch . I miss it and I want to start it again.  With a focus on “Bringing you back to your senses” this will be a practical, fun, experiential, online program.

Website Redesign. A lot has changed since I started my business and my blog. I’d like to make changes that reflect the evolution and the direction for the future – Feel Good Living.

Write/publish a book. I’m still deciding which book will come first, but by the mid-year point, a book will be published with a focus on “Feel Good Living”.

Increase my business. If I increase my business I increase my ability to help people.  Specifically I’m focusing on more speaking engagements , web video consulting , and one-on-one guidance with a focus on presenting yourself confidently as a speaker, leader, student or professional.

Engage more in social media.  Admittedly I have resisted social media. In 2011, I plan to engage more, and if it works great. If it doesn’t, on any level, I’ll re-evaluate.

Enjoy Time with Friends and Family. Time to put work aside and enjoy and nurture the personal connections that make life fun and memorable.  Without my health or my family/friends, what is there, really?

None of these will happen without a plan behind them (For example, what good is a March deadline if I don’t identify the steps I need to take to get there?) and those plans are coming alive. I’m looking forward to 2011, the ups, the downs, the success and the less than success.  I just know it will be a year to feel good about.

What are your plans for 2011?  Do you have a plan in place to get you there?  How will you make 2011 a year you can feel good about?

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