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Went Bananas

Posted Feb 20 2013 3:19pm

Believe it or not – I haven’t had pancakes for breakfast the past 2 mornings.  And believe it or not – I’ve enjoyed the change, but it wasn’t out of my own will…  I’ve had to fast after dinner to prepare for my 8AM doctor’s appointments so breakfasts have been on-the-go.

Tuesday morning I had a HIDA scan [pumped with IV contrast to look at how my gallbladder functions] and this morning I had an abdominal ultrasound.  Neither of the appointments were all that unpleasant and they didn’t take as long as expected – double bonus!  As I mentioned the other day , any news is good news at this point and I’ve got news to share…

2:20 Hospital

I spoke to my doctor’s nurse this morning and after reviewing the results from both my endoscopy last week and the two procedures this week, everything looks a-ok [with the exception of the swelling of my stomach] – wahooo :D   My doctor is supposed to call back later today to discuss what the next steps are, but it’s definitely a relief to start ruling things out!

Moving onto tastier topics, Tuesday’s eats.  I don’t have any exciting new recipes to share – my eats have been pretty bland, whatever my stomach can handle – but I hope to get back into the creative cooking groove soon.  Evidently I went bananas on Tuesday…  Either I was cravinggg potassium or I unconsciously felt the need to eat as many of the 16 bananas I got for $1 over the weekend.

Thanks Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting another tasty link-up!

2:20 Breakfast

a banana, chunky Teddy Peanut Butter stuffed pita with raisins [reminded me of Peanut Butter & Co. 's Cinnamon Raisin Swirl but a bit saltier - yum] , & a caramel cappuccino from Starbucks

2:20 Lunch Bag

grazed throughout the afternoon

2:20 Lunch

fresh veggies, grapefruit slices, plain Chobani , Garden Lites veggie souffle, original popchips , & a mini VitaCake

2:20 Snack

an apple, light string cheese, & Joe’s O’s + pistachios [are the bestios]

2:20 Dinner Salad

veggie-filled salad

2:20 Dinner

dessert oats – cottage cheese + hazelnut Torani syrup + multigrain hot cereal + Go Lean + banana chocolate chip VitaTop

2:20 Dessert

rice cakes topped with a banana + dark chocolate chips

P.S.  Thank you all for your advice, comforting words, and wisdom the past few weeks.  I honestly cannot express how truly grateful I am for your continued support and for listening to my health hiccups…  Y’all are the best!!!

Question:  What’s your favorite fruit?

Question:  What’s the tastiest thing that you’ve made this week?

— Allison

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