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Wellness is more than the burn and burning calories.

Posted Jun 06 2010 4:49am

Wellness is more than the burn and burning calories.

Our bodies should be like a Alexander Calder mobile.  As one body part moves, there is a response in the entire system.  Even lifting an arm, the rest of the body organizes to facilitate this simple movement.

When we have habitual poor habits of posture and/or repetitive stress from doing the same movement over and over again, the body disorganizes.  When one part of the body is not moving correctly, it affects the entire body.  Look at it like a car with misaligned wheels.   The tires out of line will put stress on the car parts from this imbalance.

This is what happens to the body.  If the upper body is slumped forward, there is a chain reaction to the rest of the body.  With the upper body in constant flexion, the back body is kicked out.  There will be compensations of the body to maintain erect.  A lot of my clients with this posture tighten their shoulders or backs to find erectness.

Keeping muscles well toned and aerobic conditioning is important.  Keeping our joints moving in healthy ranges is just as important.  I am not talking about stretching (this can help at times).  When one single joint (i.e. A bone in the foot, a vertebra of the spine, the femur in the hip socket) is locked, it will affect the entire body.

Walk with your body slumped.
How does this affect your legs?
Can you walk fast?
How is your hip extension and back extension because of this posture?

We need to educate ourselves to bring back in our lives movements that invites proper sequencing of our joints.  If a client who loves golfs and does not rotate well in their spine and legs, the movement will go into their backs in a unhealthy fashion.

There are simple movements that we can do in our daily life that will enhance our well being.  It could take a few minutes during each day to keep the joints moving well.  The time allotted depends on your variations of movements within your day.  If you sit at a computer all day,  I would recommend at least 5 minutes of every hour sitting.

Somatic practices like Hanna Somatics, Bartenieff Fundamentals, BodyMind Centering, Franklin Method and Feldenkrais are great examples of possible classes to bring back healthy movement to the body.  Pilates Teachers here is a great workshop to explore how to improve wellness in a Pilates Mat.

Stay tune next time for sneaky exercies for the offices.

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