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Welcome The Year Of The Rabbit / Chinese New Year at Minneapolis Holistic Clinic

Posted Feb 01 2011 9:14am

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year (according to lunar calendar) starts on the 3rd of February 2011 on the New Moon after Winter Solstice and is celebrated all over the world. It heralds new beginnings and a fresh start. Socially, it is a family affair, a time of thanksgiving, reunion, forgiveness and sharing. Traditionally people clean their houses from top to bottom to get rid of old stagnant energy and make room for positive energy of the New Year.

The Year of the Golden Rabbit should bring peaceful cooperation and teamwork. Like any year, you can expect fluctuations in industry and in some markets but don’t worry! You can plow through the ups and downs as this year encourages people to work together for a common goal that can benefit all. This is a blessing after the turbulent, unpredictable year of the Tiger. The Year of the Rabbit is set to deliver economic leaps and bounds that like the lovable animal itself. Rapid financial movements require a rabbit’s ability and speed to react. The Rabbit sees the world from a view point of abundance; he is aware that there is plenty for everyone. This year is a great time to set aside differences and work together to make a difference.

This is a great year to gain new skills and knowledge. If you are an employee, it is a good year to pursue a promotion.

Rabbit people evoke calm and peacefulness, avoiding aggressive behavior or unnecessary confrontation. Rabbits are calm and gentle, but persistent. Paying attention to their surroundings, rabbits effortlessly sidestep developing situations that might otherwise cause upset or disruption. The Rabbit person is virtuous, articulate, ambitious and is often financially prosperous.

The rabbit is gracious, amiable, and they make good friends. They are known to be sensitive, kind, and even tender. The rabbit is the embodiment of graciousness, good manners, and sensitivity to beauty. Rabbits are dependable for counsel and make excellent diplomats. Rabbits have a tendency to be elegant, soft-spoken, and enjoy peaceful environments. Rabbits are known to be gifted artists, excel in scholarly works, and prosper in the fields of law, government, and research. Many rabbits are lucky in business and finance because they are clever and seek compromises rather than confrontations that lead to fights. Paradoxically, rabbits may be both self-assured and shy. Most of all, rabbits are compassionate and dislike hostility.

Famous rabbits Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Pope Benedict XVI, Brad Pitt, Whitney Houston

Health Problems During the Year of the Rabbit

This is the Year of the Metal Rabbit. The Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) represent different parts of your body. The Metal element governs your lungs, large intestine, the immune system and skin. Health problems to watch out for in 2011 are respiratory problems, contagious illnesses and the flu. If you have suffered from a weak immune system, lung problems or have a tendency to catch colds and/or the flu easily it is time to seek professional help. Try to avoid stress. Some of the ways that stress affects your body include decreases in the contractions of the small intestine and increases in the contractions of the large intestine (not good). This is also a good year to stop smoking .

To celebrate Chinese New Year we are offering new patients and patients who have not been in our Minneapolis Acupuncture clinic for 3 months or longer a FR** exam. We don’t to this very often, so hurry! This offer expires February 28th. If you would like to become a new patient just call 612-866-4000 and ask for the “Welcome New Patient Consultation” and you will receive your first consultation for free. But remember…you have to do this by February 28th. That’s the last day for this offer for you and your friend or loved one.

Happy Year of the Rabbit,
Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.
Complete Oriental Medical Care, LLC
Minneapolis, MN
“There are no riches above a sound body.” – The Apocrypha

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