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Weekly Meditation - 15 minutes for a Day of Clarity and a Sound Sleep

Posted Oct 28 2010 9:24am
Just as professional athletes begin and end a powerful training session with stretching - to have a powerful day of clarity and smooth flow, we must as well begin and end with a solid preparation.

This a very easy practice which will harmonize your thoughts, putting your fragmented mind into a state of harmony.  This reflection of the busy work day or the dream filled sleep makes it easier to be in a state of presence, in the moment, non dwelling of the impressionable challenges that may be impacting your life. This will beneficially impact your state of happiness, allowing tension and anxiety to melt away when it arises because you are already at ease with your state of mind.

Do this practice for one week everyday (set it in your phone/alarm/email notification) - in the morning right when you wake! This is the time at which you are most aware and receptive, and right before sleep. If you drift to sleep when you do this at night, this is the best situation - you have drifted to a deep REM state consciously, in a deep self induced relaxation - your sleep will be deeper than ever, with a more rejuvenating rest.

Breath and Visualization Technique Meditation
  • 1x Morning (awakening) and 1x Evening (ready for sleep)
  • Stay in bed, lie down, fully relaxed comfortable
  • Phone's on silent, all lights and electronics in your room turned off
  • Every Breath = a Visualization
    • Breathing in - visualize a Golden Warm light washing down from the crown of your head and flowing out from your toes
    • Breathing out - visualize any color you wish flowing in opposite (from your toes all the way up flowing out of the crown of your head)
  • Do this for 15 minutes each morning right as you awake, and for 15 minutes right before sleep

  • 1 week for a deeper clarity in everything you do - reach your peak potential. This is 15 minutes out of 24 hours for yourself.

You may feel an apprehension to change the direction of flow, but just allow this awareness to seep in, relax and be in this state in complete relaxation with no expectation.

Some thoughts may flow into your mind, this is great, reflect upon them bring light to your thoughts and emotions and then go back to the awareness of each breath each visualization.

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