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Ways to Save Money

Posted by Nirmala N.

Ever since I got married last year and ever since the cost of living in my city has skyrocketed while salaries have remained pretty stationary, I've started to think of ways to save money without necessarily sacrificing the quality of my life. Here are a few ideas--what are some of yours?

1) Opting for weekend trips rather than long vacations that might be more expensive because of air travel

2) Opting to stay carless and rent a car or use ZipCar/City Car Share services when necessary

3) Buying groceries rather than eating out a lot

4) Having dinner at friends' houses instead of going out to bars/clubs for socializing

5) Limiting buying clothes to a seasonal activity rather than using the plastic when the occasion strikes

6) Cutting out coupons in the paper for grocery shopping

7) Taking advantage of major holiday sales

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well i totally agree to nirmala coz i also face the same problem though im single but then the steps mentioned by her are quite working and truly yusuf wat ur saying also is right but tht can be done o only in houses wer there aregood number of family members in nuclear families today it isnt tht possible to stock on food and stay and rather i find it unsafe to do so

hey you guys when r u going to live like asians we buy in bulk most of the staples.

rice ,flour, onions, potatoes lentils, cooking oil just to name the basics. these if you compare prices will give you an indication that it is lot more cheaper to buy bulk than small potions.

apart from the vegies the rest dont easily spoil and will last you a long know what i have two years store of rice and lentils that means i bought my rice at 2006 prices and will last me till 2009 august. but i have already procured more for the next two years. on bulk purchase i also got an additonal discount.

get some asian cook books and learn the easy recepies and build on that. believe you me if you are into counting pennies then you will immediatly see a huge savings.

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