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Video Post: Sugar Challenge

Posted Mar 05 2011 11:27pm

So This is my first video post. No need to write much, since I say it all (and then some) in the video... But just to highlight a few points (and mistakes)
When I say "Sugar" I'm talking about processed/refined sugars. Not ALL sugar. So the sugar from fruits and veggies are still okay. I believe at one point in the video I'm listing all the surprising things I found sugar in, and I said "carrots"... Umm... oops!....carrots have sugar, but not processed sugar. I think I meant to say "crackers" or something else with a hard "c" sound... So again, the challenge is no PROCESSED/REFINED sugars for 30 days. Also, we've decided to leave honey as an option for sweetener since it is processed by bees and not by factory machines.

Not sure if the camera is a better option than the Mac webcam in all situations. It takes so long to transfer it on the computer and reformat it to work on youtube... but for videos involving a lot of moving around I think it could be useful. Not sure if you'll see much more of me... I tend to spend my time BEHIND the camera these days, but maybe this will be a weekly addition to the blog this month. We shall see!

SO... You probably wont hear from me until I'm SUGAR FREE!

Follow Matt and Jeff on their adventure here: and you can keep up with me (and probably a bit of Ashley) here.
) One more day with Sugar for the next month! AHHH!

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