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UrbanMonk.Net Status Update

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:01am 2 Comments

What’s been happening? As regular readers will know, I haven’t been posting much for the past few weeks. I just thought I’d give a bit of an update so nobody thinks that I’ve been kidnapped, or given up on blogging.

The Short Version

Regular updates resuming very, very, soon:D

The Long Version

For my new readers, UM.Net is slightly different than other blogs. It strongly parallels my own development. As I mentioned in myApril Fool’s dayjoke, I was going to slow down on my posting because the blog had caught up to my own explorations. I was hitting a few roadblocks and needed to overcome them in order to have something to write about (plus I haven’t been keeping notes the past few months, so I can’t remember half the little “aha!” moments I get! ARGH!).

Then suddenly my workload tripled, exam period for my studies came, and my brain completely burnt out.

After the exams, I thought I would be back in force. But I didn’t. A few reasons:

  • Zen Sickness.I’ve spoken to a few people about this, and many agree that there comes a stage in meditation where everything just turns flat and lifeless. Reasons and explanations differ – “all attachments are gone”, “the ego is nearly dead” (whatever that means, I don’t know, since I thought the ego never existed in the first place), and so on. Wade fromThe Middle Waycalled it Zen Sickness, although I believe it can be explained by the ladder of emotions given in the Sedona Method.
  • The Sedona Method.The Method, which is my favourite and currently only tool of personal growth, gives a series of stages one progresses through. (Yeap, that square banner in my sidebar isn’t for the affiliate income – although it is nice – it’s because I use it for hours a day and never endorsed anything so heartily before.)

    I didn’t believe in the ladder until one day I realised I had been progressing through those exact stages in the exact stated order. Recently I was squarely in a stage called Pride, which I call assholeness, because I turned into a complete arrogant $#%@^. Luckily I was more or less aware of it, and I didn’t want to write anything in that state of mind because it would permeate everything I write. I also cut all human contact to a minimum, and still managed to have a few fights over nothing with some of my closest friends.

    Above Pride was an “unofficial” stage of flatness and indifference – the “Zen Sickness” I experienced. It was very weird, definitely. For a few weeks, nothing interested me any more or made me happy. Nothing pissed me off anymore, either. I didn’t want to meditate, blog, go out, or anything that used to light my fires. I ignored emails for days and weeks, I didn’t pick up phone calls from my friends. Thankfully, I think I’m nearly out of both Pride and “Flatness”, as I am starting to feel the passion and fun for my favourite activities (including blogging) returning.

  • No material.Iwasstill out of material to write about. Writer’s block? Burnout? A mix, probably, but partly because of my strong focus on using the Method, I didn’t have anything new to share. Whatever I needed to work on, I just used the Method on it. In fact it is my often mentionedemotional meditation, except turbo-charged. I just didn’t want to push the Method too much because I wanted the blog to accessible to people without buying anything. Although, I’ll write a review on the product, if anyone is interested.
  • Just a rest.Lastly, I just needed a break to sit around and do completely nothing. I can’t remember the last time I had an extended period of rest. (Probably a year and a half ago) One of my favourite blog tips is fromSkellieWag: take a break to prevent burnout, which is preferable to forcing yourself to churn out sub-standard posts.

    Also, I took some time to quit smoking during this break, which was a plus. Smoking is bad, mmmkay?;)

Excuses Over

Anyways, excuses (and whining, hehehe) over. I am so relieved to see that readers have stuck by me during my extended absence. Thank you! I will be back very soon.

Please visit theBest Ofor theArchivespages for more reading material.

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Nice to hear you'll be back at some point, Albert. I haven't heard of the Sedona Method before but hopefully, you'll have a post in the future that focuses on that. :)
thanks nirmala, i'm kinda surprised this post got on here, I don't know how.
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