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Tuesday's Rambles

Posted May 05 2009 5:10pm
Good morning!

I'm home from dropping off The Kid to school. He went to school today with his hair full of product and standing almost straight up, and yes, I am the culprit. He has been dying for me to let him wear his hair crazy to school, so today I allowed it. I never dreamed that his Dad would let him out of the house with it, so I figured that I wouldn't have to play Bad Cop, but lo and behold, that little devil knew how to sneak past his Dad's careful inspection! So oh well, he looks like a he put his hand in an electrical socket, but he's happy. So I'm happy.

The countdown has begun. After today, there are only 16 more days of school left, which means just 16 more days of living in the car. I don't mind the actual driving, its just the constant anticipation that I will be back in the car in a matter of hours. I feel like its impossible to get anything really accomplished because I will need to get back in the car. Only 16 more days of this!

And 7 more days until I turn 35. I am not looking forward to it much. Especially after yesterday when I was really brave and looked in the lighted magnifying mirror that I have a love/hate relationship with. There are all of these gray THINGS growing ALL OVER each side of my head! It used to be that I had an errant gray hair here and there, but now they seem to have mounted quite an army. Looks like I need to make a hair appointment and take care of them. I was bummed.

Though I don't really feel old nor do I think I look like I'm 35, turning 35 does pull at my heart strings and start me worrying. I seem to remember that my own Mother was 35 when she initially got sick, an illness that ruled her short life from that moment on. I think it must be pretty common as a daughter to have a little lump in my throat, remembering when my Mother was my age and what she went through. In her honor, I plan to try and be as healthy as I possibly can this year in an attempt to ward off anything like 'history repeating itself'.

Its an obvious time of year to be thinking about my Mom, as this Sunday is Mother's Day. Did you know that I was born on Mother's Day, 1974? Yep. I think that right out of the gate I was destined to have a special bond with my Mom, considering the day I was born. Mother's Day doesn't always fall on my birthday each year, but near it. Its an awfully hard day for me. I try not to think too much about it because my son loves to make a big deal about Mother's Day for my benefit and I don't want to rain on his parade. But it is hard. Even though I am now a Mother myself, I find myself feeling very alone both on Mother's Day and my birthday...

This year I have thrown myself into my new blog to distract my mind. I am going to share it with you on Tuesday, May 12, my birthday. When I decided to switch the blog over on May 12, it felt like eons of time to wait. I gave myself the extra planning time for the blog because I knew that I was going to need it, and I knew that I was going to spend a lot of time learning how to navigate a totally new blogging experience. I couldn't have been more right. Its tough to teach an old dog new tricks, that's for sure. But I have conquered most of the challenges and I'm really looking forward to the Big Move!

I have received several inquiries from readers and friends asking why I am switching from Blogger to Wordpress. The first reason is simple, I wanted more control over the look of my blog. On Blogger, I wasn't happy with any of the templates out there, the layouts, and the parameters that I had to work within. Moving to allows me to do things that I couldn't do on Blogger.

The second reason I moved to Wordpress is this: I wanted to invest more in myself. When I started blogging, I wasn't so sure that I would enjoy blogging, or that I would create a habit of writing frequently and keep it up. That's why I opted for a free Blogger site. That way I couldn't say that I had wasted anything more than my own time.

However, I have become a pretty faithful blogger. I post daily during the week and I try to post on the weekends too. My blog has been a great escape and writing each day has become a habit that I really enjoy. So why not invest alittle money into all of the effort I have put forth and make it the way I want it? So I bought the domain, and bought the theme I have coveted for some time, and I'm going to give it a 'go'.

The third reason that I am moving to Wordpress is simple: PAGES. Blogger doesn't allow you to have more than one page within your blog. I think this is an important feature if you have a variety of topics you blog about, lots of information to share, have a business to promote, etc... Being on Wordpress now, I feel like all of my different activities are under the same umbrella. Fab Farm, BwhoUR, photos, advertising, and everything else is housed in the same spot and easily accessed. Its more organized, more complete. I feel more SANE (well, maybe not entirely...)!

OK: so that's it for today. I am going to head out and water my garden and maybe get a run in before I have to think about jumping in the car and heading back to school. Its an overcast day here in Central Texas and I'm wondering if it might rain?
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