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Tough but effective practice for emotional health

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:04pm

One of the toughest thing for most people is to be able to observe the ups and downs of life without getting emotionally excited or upset about them. Living life like this can cause a lot of stress and possible damage to our wellness.

As human beings we can be upset about when life is not going our way or when we are expecting something to happen as a result of our effort and it doesn’t quite turn out the way we want. For that matter we even want weather to cooperate when we want to be outdoors playing sports, hiking, walking, or running. Most people want to be appreciated and not criticized. When we are appreciated we like that and want more of it. When we are criticized we do not like and we don’t want any more of it.

Try staying a little more calm and centered when the events get you excited or upset. Simply observe your emotions as if part of you is watching them away from your involved self - sometimes referred to as being a witness. This can be tough in the beginning but potentially it has great rewards for you - to enhance your emotional health and overall wellness. With practice, you may find that you are gaining more clarity about life and experiencing more freedom, peace, and happiness.

This practice of just observing can also be used with observing other people without judging them in any way and that can enhance your relationships.

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