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Touching Lynn

Posted Jan 03 2013 9:30am
Lynn sat in a chair waiting for us to arrive. Wearing a revealing top and boy shorts, her clothing left little to the imagination. Her long dark hair, tan complexion and curvy figure made it easy to see why she was recruited as a stripper.

Her smile was infectious, but it was at war with fear. The meth she’d smoked yesterday had her in a state of near-panic. She checked herself in to detox from drugs and alcohol, but her heart rate was in the 150’s and her blood pressure had to come down before she could safely detox.

“I’m really scared. I need you guys to give me something to make me feel better,”
“Lynn, I’m afraid I don’t have anything that will make this go away. You need time to let the meth clear out of your system. We’ll take you to the hospital and they'll give you something to bring your blood pressure down.”
“I feel like I’m gonna die...I hate this! I’m starving to death. I haven’t had anything to eat in days. I’m pooping out tweaker turds.”

“Lynn, you’re not going to die. We see this all the time. You’ll be fine.”

The thought wouldn't leave my mind, “Tweaker turds…what the heck are tweaker turds?”

“Ummm…Lynn….what are tweaker turds?”

“Oh, you know! Those little tiny turds you poop out when you’re high on meth.”

Oh, those tweaker turds.

She hopped onto the gurney. I tried not to stare at her chest as we put the seat belts on. “Just keep looking at her eyes,” I told myself.

Transporting a scantily clad, beautiful woman who needs help is a difficult challenge. Nine out of ten men just give in to temptation. They’ll stare as long as they can, allowing the fantasy to run its course. If a woman is well-endowed, they’ll find a reason to do a 12 lead EKG, just to get a closer look.

With a heart rate of 150, I had to at least do a 3 lead EKG, to verify her heart rhythm. But with her admission to using meth, I had a plausible explanation for the fast heart rate, so I could skip the embarrassment of doing a 12 lead.

It was a short trip to the hospital, but it seemed like we talked for hours. Most people who are addicted to drugs don’t really want to quit. I mean, they’ll tell you they do, because it’s the right thing to say. But deep down inside, they’ve grown accustomed to it. Lynn was different. I could see the desperation in her soul. She wanted to be free.

She dialed a number on her phone and handed it to me. “Here…can you tell Bill where we’re going? I can’t talk to him now.”

”Who’s Bill?”

“My boyfriend.”

I took the phone and waited for him to answer. “He’s not answering. Is it okay if I leave a message?”

“Yeah. Tell I’m in really big trouble and he needs to get to the hospital right away.”

“Lynn, you’re not in really big trouble. You’re going to be fine. If I tell him you’re in trouble it’s called manipulation. You don’t need to manipulate people. I’ll just tell him where we’re taking you.”

She gave me a knowing smile. She knew I was right. I left a short message telling him where she was.

“God, my lips are so dry and cracked. Do you have any Vaseline?”

“Crap.” I thought to myself. “What is she going to ask for next?” I just happened to have a new container of lip balm in my pocket, but didn't want to contaminate it by letting her use it.

“Sorry, we don’t have any Vaseline.”

I called the hospital and gave report. Five more minutes. We talked about why she wanted to detox. She wanted help and knew she couldn't do it alone.

The fact that she knew she couldn't do this by herself, opened the door for me to suggest that she needed help from God.

“Lynn, there’s only one way you’re going to get free of this. You need to let God help you. He can set you free, once and for all.”

“I love God!” She blurted out.

“Jesus has the power to heal everything that’s messed up in your life. He can you’re your memories and all the pain you’re feeling.”

“Jesus is amazing!” She replied, as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Lynn…can I pray with you?”

“Yes, you can!”

She grabbed my hand. I placed the other one on her shoulder. I closed my eyes. I asked Jesus to heal her memories and hurts from the past and to bring her peace and wholeness. I asked the Holy Spirit to crush the lies of the enemy and to restore her to the truth. I commanded evil spirits to leave. I opened my eyes for a second. Her tears had turned into rivers.

“Thank you so much”, she said, sobbing.

Knowing that most people who suffer from addiction are broken and wounded as children, I asked what her childhood was like. Everyone in her family was successful, except her. She was the black sheep – a loser who couldn't get her act together. And, I thought, just the kind of person God likes to go after with a passion.

As a child, she was molested, abused and eventually raped by a friend of her father. When she told her dad what happened, he called her a liar. At a young age, she began working as a stripper. Drugs and alcohol became her refuge from the pain, which only grew deeper with time.

I felt a deep sense of empathy and compassion for Lynn. It wasn't something I conjured up from within myself. The compassion God had for her welled up in my soul until it poured out of me into her. God just kept pouring out His love for her into me and I released it to her through the words He gave me.

I pulled the lip balm out of my pocket.

With a look of surprise, she said, “Oh, please can you put some on my lips?”

“Great” I thought. “Maybe I should just give it to her.”

“How about if I just give it to you? They’re not expensive. I can buy another one.” I really didn't want to touch her dry, cracked lips, which were covered in a white residue.

More of God’s compassion flowed. Didn't Jesus cleanse the lepers, who were ‘untouchable’?

“C’mon…it’s okay, I don’t have cooties. Just put some on your finger and put it on my lips,” she said with a smile.

I gave in. I scooped out a blob and smeared in on her lips. “Not enough”, I thought. So I scooped out another blob and spread it around. She was digging this a little too much. To be honest, I was too. We smiled like a couple of school kids as I smeared it around.

Our five minutes was up. We pulled into the hospital and unloaded. We moved her to the ER bed and I waited to give report. It would be a while - they were busy. I chatted with Lynn as I finished writing my report. She called a friend and told her about an angel in the ambulance who prayed with her.

We talked about her teenage son, who is going down the same road of drugs, alcohol, depression and suicidal thoughts. I told her the best thing she could do was to let God heal her, so she could set a good example for him and maybe counsel him through his own healing.

“That’s what I want to do. I’d love to counsel people who deal with this stuff and tell them how I got out of it. I’d love to be a counselor! I just gotta get my self fixed, first.”

I finished my report and told her I had to go. I handed her a card to the website and told her how to find me if she needed help.

One waters, another sows. They’re in the field together, as a team. Our mission is to release the love of God on people who are dry and cracked and thirsting for life. It’s hard to touch people at times, without actually ‘touching’ them physically.

Touching strangers can bring honor, healing and life, or it can bring shame, guilt and death. The difference is what flows out of you when you touch them.

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