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To Blog or Not to Blog? Dumb Question!

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:54pm
Today I'm going to tell you a little secret: I've always wanted to write a book. Okay, that's not true at all: I want to write several books. I have all sorts of books doing the Macarena in my head, but early on I knew that I would need to practice being a writer before I actually sat down to write a book... I mean, really.... You have to learn to walk before you can run, right?


That's precisely why I started this blog. To practice writing, and find my 'voice' (that's writer-speak apparently... who knew?). I have always had a lot to say (just ask my family and friends) and so writing is obviously a method to make oneself 'heard'. This little ol' blog came about after a little push by a friend ( check out her blog, she's a hoot!) and that was well over a year ago and here we are...

Who knew that this blog would grow into something, and that it would do so much more for me than just help me practice writing...

On a business level, I'm not a bestseller author - yet (you gotta aim high!) but I am writing. I am no longer writing just for this blog, but writing a monthly column in Mommy Millionaire Magazine, and now writing a weekly column for Chic Galleria and Haute Cowgirl as well! Look for my columns to post Thursdays and Fridays, respectively, and to Mommy Millionaire once a month. I'm thrilled to have been approached to write for these awesome publications and not only is it good for business, it's great practice for my writing dreams (that book dream is getting so close I can almost taste it)!

On a personal level, blogging daily has turned into a welcomed habit (now if I could only say the same for exercise). It was never a chore, I can honestly say that I have never sat down and had nothing to say (the horror!). I always have something on my mind that I can translate to the page and that has done so much for me personally! You have to understand that I am truly a city-loving kind of gal who loves hustle and bustle and the excitement that comes with comes with living in a metropolitan city. Moving to a cattle and horse ranch was a depressing thought initially, and looking back, I spent almost an entire year here in a state of depression. When I started blogging, I approached it as if I was 'talking' to my closest friends, and not only did that 'easy-going' writing style attract readers to my blog, it helped me to feel less isolated from the world beyond the ranch gates. Blogging has been a win-win!

I feel far from isolated now, and I know I have this blog to thank. Several of my faithful readers stumbled here by accident and have become my true friends. This blog helped me to gain confidence that someone, somewhere thought that what I had to say had merit, and it helped me to have the confidence to launch the BwhoUR Network. Finding my own voice has not only helped me, but helped others, and wow- that's a great feeling to know that I have inspired someone else along the way.

There are nay-sayers out there that think blogging is a huge waste of time and that its an open-invitation to scrutiny, and whatever else. I think that's hogwash- (I giggle everytime I use that word, which by the way, isn't often)... Yes you 'put yourself out there', yes you are revealing your self and your opinions, and lets face it: you can't please all of the people, all of the time... But this is my response: WHO CARES??? My motivation for writing on this blog was never to make friends and influence people (though that has happened), it was to find my voice and be part of the world. Which I am. And to those who think blogging is a waste of time? Ha! They might want to rethink that after they read how John Chow blogs his way to $20,000 per month, and he's certainly not the only one!

I think its time to take this blog up a notch (hey, I sounded like Emeril!), and I have some neat things planned for it in the near future. I hope you'll check out my posts for Chic Galleria, Haute Cowgirl, and Mommy Millionaire, and more than anything, I hope you'll stay part of this growing community! Thank you!
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