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Timing is (almost) Everything

Posted Mar 25 2009 3:56pm
Timing can really be a b-i-t-... no, I'm not going to say it. But you know what, time and actual timing has been baffling me lately. And for some insane reason, as soon as I typed the word 'timing' I saw that bowl full of clocks that is on TV for some Rollover Minutes commercial (its pretty funny)...

Anyways, back on subject Casey... (I have to stay on top of this or I will wander WAY off topic, which, if you read my blog often, you'll know I do ALL OF THE TIME!)... this thing called TIMING is quite interesting...

Remembering back in my old noggin', I can remember an old boyfriend saying that the "timing is just wrong... if we were, like, 5 years older then this would work out..." ah, young love turned on its ear because of... timing.

Or in the case of job-hunting... The applicant for a job might be on one time line (the fast track, wants/needs a job BADLY), and the potential employer is waiting until the end of the semester to even LOOK at the applications and resumes.... this is a big difference in TIMING.

Yesterday Hubby and I were panicking over a newborn foal that could not latch on to his Momma. We knew he needed the colostrum and were trying hard to help him throughout the day to drink his mother's colostrum rather than give him artificial, knowing the Real Deal was far better. We spent the day worried about the time line, fretting over the window of opportunity for the foal to absorb the necessary antibodies... Just as we were throwing in the towel, giving in to bottle feed him, we warmed his bottle and walked to the stall to find him latched on and happily suckling away... we just hadn't given him enough TIME, his time line had been different than ours.

For the most part, time slips away from me and I feel like I am always in a constant race against the clock. Do you ever feel that way? As a child, the days dragged on forever, a whole year seemed like an eternity. Now time seems to fly like the speed of sound and I am moving through it in a foggy stupor...

I try to make the most out of my days, knowing that time is NOT on my side. I was not happy today that I was going to have to zip down to Houston for a Passport Application appointment in order to get my passport renewed in time to go to the Dominican... oh yeh, did I tell you we're going on vacation? Don't hate me, I think I actually deserve this little break. Oh wait- I'm off-topic again... SHOOT! I keep doing that! (Remind me to tell you about the vacay in an upcoming post)...

Anyhoo- I wasn't happy about this last minute alternation to my otherwise unusually calm day. I need a calm day thrown in there every once in a while, you know, for balance!! So when I realized that today I had to go to Houston, had to be there for a 10am meeting and then race home, I was not happy. Houston in morning rush hour traffic? Not a pretty sight... Me getting up in the wee hours of the morning to shower and put myself together before I make lunches and wakeup/dress the yay-hoos? (yep, I call my family yayhoos)...that was the furthest thing from a pretty sight you can imagine!

HOWEVER... I made up some time! I expected to go to the Federal Building, wait in line forever, my appointment would be late, and I'd feel like pulling my hair out because the government worker helping me would be taking his/her own sweet time because Uncle Sam is paying her hourly (I'm sorry but this is exactly what USUALLY happens to me). I wasn't looking forward to the appointment.


I circled twice and had to park on the roof of the parking garage (man it was high up there too, think nosebleed...) and walk across the street. Wednesday must be a slow day for the security guys because they joked with me as they checked me for explosives and whatever else I might be packing in my purse... as if.... (oops, I almost got off topic again)...

I took the elevator up to the 4th floor, entered, told them I was there for a 10am appt (it was 9am) and they ushered me to a window, they took my papers, stamped them, took my money, sent me to another window.... got a piece of paper and a smile, and the cute little girl with the red headband that matched her red shirt said, "Casey, have fun on your trip to the Dominican!"... SHE ACTUALLY READ MY NAME AND WHERE I WAS GOING? I asked her, "Don't I have to wait until 10 for my appointment?" and she replied, "That WAS your appointment, you're done!"

No way... it was 9:11. I was in shock. Disbelief. It had been EASY, it had been EARLY, and it had actually been ENJOYABLE (hey, did you catch that alliteration? Yep, its cuz I'm calling myself a 'writer' now that I'm trying to actually do cool-writer-stuff). I got in the car, zoomed out of the ramp and my freeway entrance was RIGHT THERE (Godsend) and I was headed out of Houston!

By the time my 10:00 appointment time came around I was trying on a fabulous pair of Cole Haan cheetah print, calf-hair heels and reveling in my FREE TIME!

Yep, timing is everything. It really is. When you're chasing the clock, you're miserable and anxious. When you're cruising along making the most of your time, its smooth sailing... When you're robbed of your time, you're mad. When you're given a sliver of free time? Oh, you're in heaven...
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