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Thursday Thoughts & Questions

Posted Jan 10 2013 1:01pm

Yesterday was a “rest” day on my training schedule but I wasn’t feeling all that tired so I popped into a yoga class…  Well, it’s been confirmed that I am the biggest ADD yoga student [yogi?].  15-minutes into class I was wondering how much longer, wishing the woman to my right would stop picking underneath her toenails whenever we bent over, and wondering why the guy to my left insisted on breathing heavier than a woman giving birth.  60 minutes of stretching felt like forever.

My mind is still going 100 different directions today so what better than a brain dump…

Thought…  I’ve been awful at remembering to take my medicine and vitamins.  I usually forget until right as I’m walking out the door so I end up putting them into my pocket and taking them when I get to work.

Question…  How do you remember to take your medicines and vitamins?

Thought…  I tried the Peanut Butter Oatcake recipe in waffle form yesterday for breakfast and it was a success!  But, I think I like pancakes better- their smooth surfaces are easier to slather with toppings [specifically crunchy PB].

Question…  Which do you prefer- pancakes or waffles?

Thought…  Ryan has his first PT [physical therapy] appointment for his ankle since his surgery tonight.  Fingers crossed he’ll be completely off of his crutches by the end of next week!

Question…  Have you ever traveled using crutches?

Thought…  I have the Vocabology app on my phone and today’s Urban Dictionary word of the day is “healthy gas.”  I laughed out loud for a few minutes.  If it’s healthy that means it’s okay, right?  I’ll need to remember this for future situations.

Question…  Do you giggle when someone says “fart” or “poot” or whatever you call it?

Thought…  I was running a bit behind this morning so in order to make up for lost time I chose between brushing my hair or brushing my teeth.  I chose the latter and brushed my hair when I got to work.

Question…  Which would you choose- to brush your hair or to brush your teeth?

Thought…  Yesterday’s bagel sandwich, stacked with TJ’s  Mediterranean Greek Yogurt Dip + roasted turkey + a portobello mushroom cap, was made on a whim but was surprisingly super delicious.

Question…  What’s the tastiest surprise that you’ve made recently?

Thought…  I’ve been carting around our Christmas decorations in my trunk since January 1st when we took them down.  I need to drop them off at my momma’s house, but I’m kinda enjoying the sound of jingle bells every time I turn the corner.

Question…  When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

Thought…  I received a pair of Oakley’s yesterday from winning Lindsay ‘s giveaway a couple of weeks ago.  They couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect timing, we’re down to single digits till the cruise!

Question…  Sunglasses- do you buy cheap pairs or shell out the big bucks?

Thought…  I’ve got a dentist appointment scheduled for Monday bright and early at 7:15AM and I am dreading it.  Although, I am interested in talking to them about potentially starting Invisalign, despite having braces 3 times in the past.

Question…  Have you ever had Invisalign?

Thought…  Last night ended on a super sweet note with a cereal concoction that was topped off with one of the Pumpkin Coconut Oat Muffins + dark chocolate chips + whipped cream.

Question…  What’s your typical “last bite” of the day?

Thought…  This weekend’s forecast is predicting 60 degree temperatures, sprinter [spring + winter] has officially returned.  I’ve got 9 miles on the calendar and couldn’t be more excited to run those miles outside versus on the dreadmill!

Question…  Do you prefer warm or cool weather?

— Allison

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