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Three things you can do today to relieve stress and feel good about yourself

Posted Jan 11 2011 7:19am

Too much to do in too little time? No time for you? Feeling guilty or resentful as a result?

Skipping out on your time – to exercise, engage in a hobby, meditate, (you fill in the blank here) – is not helping anyone.  Last night Peggy Nolan of The Stepmoms Toolbox interviewed me on her show Stepmoms Toolbox Radio and asked me “What are three things stepmoms can do today to relieve some of their stress.”  The answers I shared are valid for anyone, stepmoms, moms, working moms, women who aren’t moms, professionals, self-employed folks, men, and children.  And they are three of my personal favorites.

As Peggy noted you can probably do all three in less than 10 minutes.

I often say, If you can’t find 5 or 10 minutes a day for you, I probably can’t help you.  If you’re feeling stressed, irritated, overwhelmed, worried during the day, below are three suggestions to get you feeling better by day’s end.

Find time for quiet. Take a quiet walk, practice deep breathing or just simply sit and be more aware of your environment.  Something that allows you to take a break from the distractions and enjoy being with you.  Try this:  Sit and take 5 deep breaths.  Remember to exhale.

Move your body. Stress and overwhelm today is often the result of too much thinking and not enough action.  The next time you feel overwhelmed, notice it and then DO SOMETHING. Dance, walk, stretch, cook, knit, clean the house, take action on an item on your to do list. Do something that gets you out of your thinking mind for a bit and using your body.   Try this:  when you feel overwhelmed, take a walk around the neighborhood.

Connect.  Having supportive communities of people – friends, family, counselors, coaches – is a critical component to relieving stress and feeling good.  You may feel like you’re alone when the truth is you are not.  Reach out for support.  It will only make you stronger.  Try this: Call a friend or family member who makes you laugh, is a good listener and who you trust.  Spend five minutes on the phone.

Cost commitment: $0

Time commitment: 10 minutes (depending on how long you chat with a friend!)

Benefit: infinite.

When you take time for you during the day, no matter how much time you have, that is feel good living.

How about you? What practices do you have in place to help you feel good about yourself when stress is getting the best of you?

*   *   *

Stepmoms Toolbox Radio interview

You can listen to the full interview on the Stepmoms Toolbox by clicking this link .  The episode will be available to download from itunes soon. Search “Stepmoms Toolbox” in the podcast section.

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