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This New Year is about Connecting with your Authentic Self

Posted Jan 01 2013 4:29pm

As I sit here with the sun streaming through the window on this first day of the new year, I am truly amazed at what we are all going through as our consciousness continues to awaken and our emotions, past experiences, and old stories wash through us. This is a challenging yet auspicious time to be on our planet. I see it every day in my work with patients and I am certainly experiencing it in my own life on many different levels.

It is important to not get too attached to your emotional body at this time. If you are experiencing intense emotions whether it be sadness, anger, grief, or anything else, it is important to just embrace the feelings with the goal to allow them to wash through you, not attaching too much to the experience of them and most importantly, love and accept yourself in the process of your own awakening. Know that there is divine light that surrounds you and exists in you.

Try to connect with that light by thinking of someone you love, a pet, a memory of love experienced,  or anything else that helps you connect to that love current. Try to connect with others that can hold and radiate that light and love back to you. Why is this happening and what is it all for? It is really for you to connect with your authentic divinity, this wild ride is helping you connect with who you really are and embrace your core essence.

This seems like a formidable task because most of your life experiences have taken you away from your core essence. The human condition which exists with loss, limitation, fear, constraints and challenges can lead you in two different directions, one of which creates more loss and limitation, another which creates opportunity and growth. The path that leads to more loss and limitation is largely a result of feeling that you are incapable of challenging your fear, a result of feeling that you can’t trust the ideas that are inside yourself. Feeling that you have no choice or are backed into a corner with regards to the challenges you are currently facing in your life creates so much fear and disconnects you from who you really are, so much so, that you may feel all alone in the universe.

This is not reality, rather it is an error; a misperception. This happens when you disconnect from who you really are. We create separation with every thought that we are different, don’t fit in, don’t have anything to offer, aren’t enough or any other old story we tell ourselves that is simply not true anymore. This is an old story so be mindful of your thoughts that are causing separation within your deepest being and challenge them; replace them with thoughts that feel better. Tell yourself a new story about yourself>>>this new story is one in which you are accepted and embraced for who you really are. You don’t need fixing. All you need to do is embrace yourself with love in this moment.

Conditioning and limiting belief systems, both of which are learned and acquired through your various childhood experiences, may have prevented you from truly knowing yourself. If you become quiet, the awareness that is true for you, you beautiful authentic being, will start to bubble up inside of you. If you take your mind out of the process. That is, if you don’t judge it, define it, or analyze it, it can start to gain strength and become a steady stream. If allowed to flow, this awareness will become stronger and will become a force that directs your life into the right stream for you. This stream will feel “right” to you, it will feel like you are connecting in to your deeper knowing of the path for you. You may not see the path clearly or know where it is leading and for the rational mind, this may seem incredibly challenging to let go and trust the intuitive mind. But trust what you feel deep inside of yourself.

If only you can relax into this process, relax into this challenge, let yourself shatter, and start to reassemble yourself in the way that fits you in this moment. This is the process of getting to know who you really are, getting in touch with your core authentic being. It is time to shine the radiant light of your true authentic being right now whereever you are…

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