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These boots WERE made for walking!!

Posted Jun 26 2008 6:03pm 1 Comment

This post is a follow up fromThese Boots Weren’t Made For Walking. For my new visitors (hi!!) or anyone who needs a refresher, check it out before continuing…

So I’ve been waiting for those vivo barefoot shoes to come into stock for two months now, but since my flip flops broke I was left with no choice but to go out and find myself some healthy (and eco-friendly!) shoes. Of course because NYC is such an amazing place I immediately found a shoe store that carried just what I was looking for!

In my first post about healthy footwear I included a few links to various healthy shoe sites. One of them directed you toVibram Five Fingers. Well, I got a pair on Saturday and I LOVE THEM!! These shoes give you the health benefits of barefoot walking while protecting your feet from the outside environment.

I was skeptical at first, but I had to try them and I’m so glad I did. I was worried I might alienate people by wearing them around the city (they’re…different looking) - but quite the contrary! I struck up a number of interesting conversations with various individuals on their first trip around town.

{WordPress won’t let me insert a picture of my new shoes!!!?! Damn!!}

Walking around in Vibram Five Fingers made my feet so happy!! I could feel the subtle changes underneath my feet and my toes were free and mobile! Walking in my Five Fingers I was aware of how comfortable my feet were. When I wear my flip flops I notice that as I step my toes grip the shoe to keep it on: not good for your intrinsic foot muscles. Close toed shoes squish your feet into unnatural positions, and heels shorten your calves and Achilles tendon. The Five Fingers made my feet feel great, and prevented the lower back pain I usually have after a long day of walking around the city. (Imagine that!!!

Of course, although the Five Fingers are stylin’ in their own way, they aren’t to be worn with EVERYTHING. So, I had to opt for shoe pair # 2. Introducing:Earth shoes!!I didn’t mention this brand in my first post because in shopping for healthy footwear I discovered all sorts of options I wasn’t aware of! The Earth brand even carries a line of Vegan shoes for the animal friendly among us!

In any case, these shoes are stylin’ in the traditional sense and they’re made consciously. The soles provide a slight decline towards the heel which “apparently” cause you to work harder and burn more calories when you walk. I mean hey, if they help keep my calves toned at the same time that super comfy I’m not one to complain!

Unfortunately, I was only able to wear my Earth shoes once before they gave me a painful blister. I don’t think it’s the particular pair of shoes - I tend to have this problem. I have narrow heels which means that shoes aren’t always perfectly snug in the back, leading to excessive rubbing. Gotta get some moleskin to take care of that!

So tell me dear readers: what are your favorite shoes and your favorite foot remedies?

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Uncomfortable shoes are the bane of my existence, so thanks for the post. :)

I am one of those women who willingly pays the price of pain for beauty, so I tend to wear heels a lot, even though I walk everywhere in a city that's full of hilly terrain. (Hell on hills in heels!) I just started taking tango lessons, so I love Comme il Faut shoes--they're a couture shoe brand based out of Buenos Aires. If you've seen tango shoes, those stillettos are damn brazen. But these shoes are ridiculously comfortable; of course, I'm not about to traipse around town wearing them for hours, but me likes.

Foot remedies? Usually, scrubbing once or twice a week with a pumice, using a healing cream, then putting my feet in socks overnight.

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